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Back. I know I know I know plan trap music. I know I know some people are like oh my God. He's playing trap music. Let me say something I've been playing trap music put a last two weeks have not sold an ounce of crack yet. Promise you four zero four eight nine two two seven zero three that get you in the conversation today greatest basketball player. Lebron James or Michael Jordan. There's an argument to be made you have to include Kobe Bryant Kobe Bryant that compensation you have to you must. Four zero four eight nine two two seven zero three, ladies and gentlemen. I have a good friend. Who was coming on this show? This woman has been a real community. Advocate for many years before she even considered running for office. She represented the community. She made sure other elected officials were held accountable. And this is how you do. This is how the game of politics is actually one when regular folk. When everyday people. Decide to engage. In the political narrative, and they hold politicians accountable. And they see things they don't like they see things not changing. Well, data side. To stop complaining and actually run for office to replace those who are doing absolutely nothing. That's how you play the game of politics, ladies and gentlemen. I have with me. Donna MacLeod, Donald MacLeod. Was born in Kingston Jamaica, she is the first Jamaican in the Georgia general assembly, representing LARs veal, Grayson. Loganville and a few others. I have Donna with me. Now Representative how are you? I am. Well, thank you very much..

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