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In this podcast and heck you could even read the entire screenplay for one thousand nine hundred Seventeen backstory magazine Zine plus a bunch of other awards season scripts as well. You could read back story on a desktop or laptop at backstory dot net or via IPAD APP or even Google play for Android android tablets. And if you'd like to subscribe remember you could use discount coupon code nineteen seventeen to save five dollars off a one year subscription. Look I really hope you give issue forty s spin because it is packed with so many great pieces. You'll find an indepth interview with Ryan Johnson. All about the twists and turns of knives out and even a retro Article Michael With Ryan Johnson about his debut feature brick director. Scott Z burns talks about his excellent political thriller. The report Charles. Randolph discusses cusses bombshell Anthony. McCartan on the two popes the SAFDIE brothers uncut gyms and so much more also interview Comic Book Writers and novelists and of course more. We're filmmakers soy hope. You'll check out the table of contents to see what's inside over at backstory dot net and consider purchasing a single issue or subscription. Look it really means a lot to me to have my podcast. Listener's support my passion project. So thanks for checking it out and while you're surfing around online I also hope you'll check out the sponsor of today's episode sewed cover fly dot com their site. The works to get writers the exposure they deserve with literary agents managers film exacts. And it's completely free so head on over over to cover fly dot com to start learning how you could get the exposure. Your script deserves today..

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