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I tend to do really well in like time. Last time i cleaned up in your day. Michael today is about the nba finals. Lindsay and horacio do wellness. Yeah by the way. Somebody tweeted and brian. Besides steve. nash. Can you name the other the two other nba players who have won a regular season mvp but have never played in an nba finals. Game a good question. That is a great two. Other players have done it to other pl- according to brian to other players have done it. Oh did he tell you who they are. No he did not. He's not giving. He's not provided the answer. Mvp season but did not make the finals. That's a great nominee racking my brain thinking about this. Yeah let me give. Gimme a couple of minutes to think about it. And i can come up with at least one of them okay. I'd be you can. I wanted to throw this out so every six months. Gallup does a poll and they survey four thousand plus people and the question is simply this. Are you thriving. I thought michael isn't derrick. Rose one of them. That's right all was he. On one of those cleveland teams lindsay would know lindsey with scarecrows every one of the finals. He was on the second but he might have got way before. Derrick rose. Yeah that sounds one so we need one more. Yeah that's a good good all right so Was i saying okay. So gallup's on this question is. Are you thriving struggling or suffering. What percentage of the country do you think. Says they're thriving right now Thirty three percent ninety three percent. I'd say fifteen percent fifteen percent lindsay for some of the answer thriving. You already know the answer. Yeah we talked about it. So i just thought who the other one is. It's yokich that's right. That's right okay. So the correct answer. Fifty nine percent of people right now say they are thriving. It is an all time high in this poll which they do twice a year every year. And if you think about it the world is bust. I mean the world busting out right. Now i mean i. I've been going to dinner. i've been going. I've seen probably seven or eight movies since we went mask free. I mean i'm doing pretty much. What i want going out. Seeing people doing stuff. I think everybody is experiencing that same thing after being pent up and locked down for a long period of time. Hey the world is back. I understand why people would say they're having right now right. Just look at the Nba stance help excite people. It'd be back in the stands absolutely look at dodger stadium. I've got a dodger game coming up. I'm going to go to dodger stadium packed. I mean we're at a point. I cannot wait for football season. We're about a month out from the nba. Preseason my very first game with my season. tickets. At so-fi stadium. They ran capacity. Crowd is so far they are going to lower capacity crowd race The only people that after where mass or people that are not vaccinated. Everybody else can go mask free. We're on the honor system. How do you how do you. You think everybody's going to be honest about it. I you know. I don't think so. Yeah do you think so. No people just going to walk in any way so they people are just going to say. Whatever i'm not you know. I mean i have a i have a gripe i got i got shamed mask mask shamed today how was i was. I was on the elevator my apartment building and ladies like can you wait for the next one since. You're not wearing a mask. And i wanted to be like what. What what is this. January of you know march twenty twenty. Have you looked at a calendar thing has ended assist you in her on on on the elevator. Yeah yeah and she asked me to take the next one before. I even walked out. I guess the next one. Would you guess if she's been back as if she hasn't been vaccinated. Maybe that is the smart. What are you say i. I just looked at her as the door closed. And then you know that there's a vaccine right you wait until she was gone You'll scared about breaking news. Clayton kershaw goes on the dl with elbow inflammation. My god our rotation is so that means now. Trevor bauer out in may out clayton kershaw out both games like it's a bullpen game today. Lada bullpen games. We're gonna see unless they stretch david price to be a starter stretch out jimmy nelson to be a starter but i mean at at this point. Rotation-wise what what do we have rotation-wise Whoever can throw whoever is living. Yeah we gone. Who gave us five the other night. we've got odious and we've got bueller and other than that. The other two spots at this moment with no power and no clayton kershaw means probably bullpen games. Yeah for awhile. Have another starter. I don't know what's going on with joe ziya gray. Who's their big pitching prospect. I don't know if he's ready or not. They almost called them up earlier. This year. called up now. Yeah there's room there's room right. Let's he count up for. You is game games. It's michael's game today. I as has won twice already in july lindsay as one wants me. Hey to scratch. We got that coming up for you. Also the lie of the day. Do you guys think you haven't figured out yet. It was so obvious. had to be ally. Okay good that is coming up for you as well. Game of games. Time and I roland lead so far in july with two wins lindsay as one wants me and jorges yet to scratch his michael thompsons game today. We love when he does this. Mt. what's the game the finals here. It's all about the suns versus the deer. Let's find out what you guys know about the history. Let's find out who can unravel the mystery. Let's find out who knows about the suns bucks. Let's find out who knows nothing and couldn't give to. Let's find out who get the highest score lindsay's playing so we know who the man pulling four. So here's hoping helping all the men get their wish all right before this year and what years was in game wasn't gain in years was phoenix in the finals. John basic nineteen seventy-one nineteen eighty-one lindsay. Nineteen nine no john. don't they. Were in the finals against the celtics. What are you in. Nineteen seventy six and the other one nineteen ninety-three with barclay exactly. I don't expect you guys all right. But the nine thousand nine hundred eighteen besides barkley. Who can they to stars on that team. John don kevin johnson. Tom chambers. no no two starters. Two starters from the ninety three sunshine besides barkley. Yeah i think we're stopping all right. So is k. J. dan marley mark west and richard richard marley. His restaurant came off the jets. He was getting off the bench out. Only one man has scored sixty points in the finals. Mason jerry west ireland ireland elgin baylor. Yes sixty one. Sixty two against the celtics missed who who has played in the most nba finals game. Linzie jerry west ireland ireland lebron. No the russell. Yes yeah ooh source close to the number. How many has russell played in the nba finals. How many games i'll go. I'll go first. I'll say fifteen fifteen. How like nine. i'll say. Eighty nine eighty nine ninety five ninety five right tweet played an eleven all this time to seventy seven ireland wins. He's played seventy games. Yeah i don't know what. I was thinking lebron's beta fifty five. I was thinking number of times number of trips to the so ireland's up three four. Hey got one. Phoenix is in the finals. What is the definition of phoenix lindsey. It's a type of bird kind of it's a sun bird or something so the bird that comes to life in raises from the ashes. Give what are the superpowers of a phoenix linsey busy. It raises from the ashes. On what happens if you touch it. You die exactly giving that delicious right half exactly we all know the silly slogans teams come up within the playoffs. What are the slogans phoenix and milwaukee in this finals. At least we're not cleveland. Okay forget or hey feared of the year one lindsay lindsay..

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