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Or if it's rich Paul of its mark Bartle steams up in the northern suburbs as a billion good players just get somebody in the organization can help start to change this thing I'm gonna give you a shot because you hear the name Richard Paul you know it's connections in the NBA who knows the players better than a guy who's best friends with and business partners with the best player in the league lebron Chris Paul part Rainey is a rich Paul I'm sorry I'm gonna say shot him a shot what's the worst that can happen can they get much worse cap can I get much worse by the way Chris Miami made a couple moves right you like the movies at Miami may they added on they're trying to win would you say that's a fair statement yeah I mean they obviously have a really good team so they're trying to add to the team right now and trying to win a championship what a novel concept that is I do realize that they are looking at right now this summer twenty six million in room because they just extended it with dollar but they could stretch provision or trade Kelly Olympic or couple of the guys on the bench and would have enough to get Anthony Davis if he chooses to leave LA yeah keep waiting dot right the bulls are waiting for the off season to make a move big changes this offseason just keep wedding Recca what do you see what we think about the resolving I think I have any credibility and saying what I'm saying no you know I think this is the way many teams successful teams in the league have gone so I I think that there's something to all this I agree I'm not completely insane know your that's good you're right on to look at the Lakers did it their GM used to be an agent Kobe Bryant's agent now the Knicks are doing it well why would the bulls follow suit of what the current hot trend is the most notably Bob Myers with Golden State was an agent before he became the GM with Golden State Warriors so I mean the other great point yeah it's it's definitely the way the league is heading but again big changes for the bulls when we get to the off season everyone just just hang out and and we'll get there someday that I'm giving you sarcasm cap Bynum sticking with the Chicago Bulls yesterday coach Jim Boylen said of a major deal happening before the trade deadline for the bulls quote we have not talked in those terms as far as a big shake up or change in direction we have not talked in that way we have not end quote shot for no shot not having these conversations knows that deadline is fast approaching is malpractice on behalf of the Chicago Bulls organization shot it is malpractice but there's no shot that they would ever verbalize these discussions publicly so as a fan you have to understand that what I say it's always quiet as before the storm get correct doctors come in boys the storms come and that's what I keep trying to say that the storm is coming there is no chance no chance when they start looking in the seats and they go we've only got sixteen thousand here to make their seven thousand empty seats okay we got to do so got to darkest before the dawn dogs come there you go what's our next one Danny Kyle this one's really for you my good friend there was an infamous picture of you floating around after one of the games with you in the locker room not wearing too many articles of clothing actually none below the waist turned out that to recall on was the photographer of said picture shot radiography videographer shot or no shot you were ready to an almost pound him into the ground no shot what I ever have any animosity towards Tariq regarding my viral blockbuster appearance you find out saying I was also sure media at the time I was done on a hiatus I was dealing with the injury I was playing her I was in a tough spot as a lot of guys have I get on the bus after game in which I get humiliated by Matt I and I did this on a national international scale that audience saw that so I thought well the worst of it's over I guess is funny I get on the bus and I sit in the same seat in bus to every week every year and at the back seat across from the urinal and that's really all kinds of lines it's it's been that way since it's been that way and I'm walking back there Brad Sauer who isn't all time funny guy character one of my favorites made even the worst days funny I walk on he said David he's from Mississippi he went all Mrs said Dave you gotta get on Twitter ma'am and I said oh my god what did the Monday Night Football camera pick up that I call somebody something that I do something dirty to somebody and they picked it up and now Twitter it which as you know it happens in sports you never know it's going to play man you know so I get on the bus I say what happened I what I say you said now do it's your **** and then you get that look like okay there can be worse things that were freaking out about right and then you see the video and you say what can I have done better to prepare for this now to recall and god bless him he's an entertainer this younger generation loves a median interaction and instant gratification which is going live on Instagram and dealing with their fans and I get that that's part of building a brand I think to recall will never make the mistake again of letting his guard down an understanding that there are other people in the locker room he was the first person to apologize to me about it he handled it with class he said Kyle I'm so so so sorry he text me is on bus one I think and I just want to give my heart you know because I know how humiliated he was for me the one thing I can say is I'm comfortable in my own skin I've lost more weight and that was it was so cold in the locker room it was an accurate representation of what I look like Khalil Mack actually said I should probably sign up to do some sort of nude photography to better my projections for the future because it's just you know it was and it was an unfortunate case of events so everything worked out of everything's great we had more laughs than you can imagine about it Ted Larsen are are swing guard had a teacher made of a screen shot of it so it's to wreak in the front of me walking by but make it any put one of those big planet Mochis on it which was probably way too big and given me way too much credit but it was a fun thing I'm glad it's over and I think we all handle that well the only thing was the bears never reached out to me to do damage control never what I would assume on Holly well my first thought after laughing it up with my friends on the bus was my poor parents are going to see this video and my mom's gonna text me so the next day I get a text my dad I didn't reach out to them I just want to give it some time my dad says so I see you're somewhat of a film star call me love the a pretty good pretty good so no shot I'm gonna victory that's my guy Danny you're better man than I all right German let's move to baseball we all know baseball is a slow game many people have been pushing for it to have a quicker pace on top of that there's a cheating scandal with two World Series championship teams and now major market teams like the red Sox in the cubbies can't afford their own home grown star players like Kris Bryant in Mookie Betts so I ask you shot or no shot baseball is at an all time low when it comes to positive interest in the game yes shot that I think that's very well said Daniel look you've got a cheating scandal you've got Pete rose who's been out of the hall of fame discussions for god knows how long because he gambled now he wants to get back into it also should be all family I don't either a conversation week sorry that I don't disagree then you have all the nonsense going on with the luxury tax and with the vests in with that and yeah baseball hot so we quote we put a great tweet out the other day and listed all the crap going on in baseball in said how is any of this good for the sport it's not you know I think if we take out all the stuff and I forget which side shot no shot Amman but I think shot yeah it's we're at a low point baseball but I think a lot of that is tied into the fact that we're in the information age everybody's got a cell phone they can watch any game from their house at any given time they can comment interact with gurus on the internet you know there's head of white Sox scouting is on Twitter whether people know that or not there are people like this in that atmosphere which is social media so everybody's an expert also the joy of going to a game in the old school we used to go to the baseball game we used to enjoy that experience the sights the smells the sounds the cracks in the back I don't know if that's lost on this generation or not yet but I think we have an opportunity to rekindle that flame and get it back to that rustic feel of going to enjoy baseball games enjoying sports in person would you ever have interested in getting tickets sitting in the bleachers at Wrigley dragons of bears and just have a good day on a ninety degree summer day absolutely the blast so great I mean it's something I haven't done because of my schedule and I always made excuses about it but as I get older and I start to look at things with a different perspective there's gonna be a time I live where I can't go drink couple beers and watch a cubs game and that's the cool thing you have these opportunities go do stuff and sports are unfortunately taken a beating because of it you see in a NASCAR people are going to the races how can we implement this digital informational age and find a way to funnel everything to what made this stuff extremely popular which was seen things for the first time hearing things for the first time smelling things for the first time it's an incredible experience I love experiencing different things yeah different all right did you have any more yeah I know we've got to take next with a plain parity song for Kyle from the water would still be extraordinary parody song contest make sure we were just discussing that's we got a song for you great right and then carmine York have Andy Reid at twelve seventeen mortar calls as well three one two three three two three seven seven six up next we're song about that famous picture come on you're listening to a cabin California yes and one thousand home for sports as of this.

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