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Before we begin our next segment. We note that we will be discussing sexual abuse the testimony. On capitol hill yesterday was both angry and anguished for usa gymnastics athletes said law enforcement including the fbi ignored them and lied about them when they said they were abused by former team. Doctor and convicted sex offender. Larry nassar simone. Biles was one of the women who testified to be clear. I blame larry nassar and i also blame an entire system that enabled perpetrated his joining us. Now is marissa witkowski hausky. She's an investigative journalist for usa today. Who began covering the abuse scandal years ago at the indianapolis star. It's been six years since usa gymnastics heard the first allegations. And it's been five years since you and other journalists at the indianapolis star began reporting on this listening to yesterday's testimonies. What stood out to you. What lawmakers heard yesterday was the continued frustration of survivors. Who felt that their allegations against larry nassar had not been taken seriously enough. They had been calling for change in calling for accountability for the failures of usa gymnastics of the us olympic and paralympic committee and of the fbi former olympic gymnast michaela maroney in her testimony directly. Blame the fbi for not acting fast enough to stop by larry nassar. Here's her testimony. What is the point of reporting abuse if our own. Fbi agents are going to take it upon themselves to bury that report in a drawer. How's the fbi and its director. Christopher ray who also testified defending the bureaus in action in this case. Fbi director christopher. Ray who. I think it's important to note was not the director at the time that the f. b. i. Office had initially received the allegations against nassar did apologize to survivors yesterday. He said he was deeply and profoundly. Sorry for the abuse that they had suffered in. He acknowledged that so many different people had let them and their families down and he specifically addressed the fact that there were people at the fbi who had had a chance to stop him back in twenty fifteen and had failed to do so and he that they would do everything in their power to ensure something like that did not happen again anything in particular that they said they would do though specifically what they talked about during the hearing was the recommendations from the inspector general's report the inspector general had made a number of recommendations to both reassess in clarify policies as to how such cases would be handled and how they would coordinate with other law enforcement agencies. Okay yesterday's hearing was part of a congressional effort to hold the fbi accountable for missteps in investigating this abuse case. How are lawmakers trying to achieve that lawmakers have been continuing to call for accountability as well in what you heard yesterday. Both during the hearing and after the hearing is lawmakers saying that they thought there should be a criminal investigation into the actions of some of these officials or i should say what they perceive as the inaction of some of these officials in the end though survivors and their families. Still looking for answers. What's it gonna take to get those answers. Well as ellie raising and set in her testimony you know. She said that she believes that. There should be an independent investigation that goes back decades and that should look at the actions of the fbi and usa gymnastics in the us olympic and paralympic committee. And what she said during the hearing was that they could speculate on reasonings. But why do so when the facts are obtainable that the stakes are so high. Usa today investigative journalists marissa witkowski. Thank you very much. thank you. And that's up. I for thursday. September sixteenth martinez. And i'm newell king. We'll be back here again. Tomorrow you can subscribe up. I wherever you listen to podcasts. And it actually helps people find the show if you rate us and give us a review on apple podcasts and are you ready for more. Npr news i know you are. There's a radio show for that. Npr's morning edition on your npr station. It's stations dot. Npr dot org and for podcasts. Local news and the latest headlines take npr everywhere with the npr. One app.

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