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Fifty five degrees in the American standard cooling weather center, we're going to get to a high. The upper seventies today, the time is six seventeen. I don't know whether to be thrilled that he finally sees the light. Or whether to be just so absolutely disgusted that he's the front runner for the Democrats, but Joe Biden. Finally, recognizing that maybe China is a threat. Tony cats. Ninety three WIBC good morning. Great to be with you. Finally, finally, finally, let me share these with you, right here. This is Biden on wears it back in may back on on. May third two thousand nineteen hundred billion dollars. In loopholes can't be justified. And folks, the fact of the matter is, we can do all we need to do without punishing. Anybody anybody the reason I'm optimistic here is look at who we are? I've, I've met virtually every major wall leader in my role as vice president is former relations chairman over the last thirty years. And that's not hyperbole virtually everyone. I don't know single solitary one who would not change places with the problems crazy United States has versus the problem. They have China is going to our lunch. Come on. They can't even figure out how to deal with the, the fact that they have this great division between the China Sea and the mountains in the east. Listen, you think China's worried about the visions of their people, they're not if the people get in the way, though, imprison the people, are they'll kill the people. This is China. This is not a normal country. You don't look at communism with some kind of factor, and that the rational actors that will bring us into peop- judges foreign policy speech at IU, we'll get to that in a second. But there's Biden saying, we don't have to worry about China. Here is Biden just last week, June fifth. We're in a position where we have the most agile venture capitalists in the world. They know it's not like we're they're bad guys. We're we're the best at doing it. Our workers are literally three times as productive as workers in the far east. In asia. And their three times productive. And so, what are we? What are we worried about? I don't know who's going to control the five G protocols, the growth of their military going deep blue building islands trying to engage Gemini and the Pacific rim could be a bunch of things technology, theft, intellectual property theft. They're growing apparatus and expanse into Africa. Why would we why would we think to be bothered? This is Joe Biden today. We are in a competition with China. We need to get tough with China. They are serious challenge to us, and in some areas, real threat, and every single step that Donald Trump is taking his only exacerbating the challenge. This is this is just as untrue as the day as long this constant conversation, while Trump is tweeting says Biden, China's making massive investments and technologies of the future. He's just tweeting while Trump is name calling China's building roads bridges and high speed rail. I've discussed this with everybody before, don't tell me about China as green. China is not green don't tell me about the money they've invested in green technologies. Yes. So you suck a chump will buy it. They can afford to engage in anything they want, because they engage currency manipulation. And the people are not free when labor, you can do anything. It's not an economy on scale or on par it is manipulated economy and a forced, coerced people. Stop telling me all what they've invested in green technology. Oh, look at their beautiful train system. Yes. And if you call of president Xi Jinping Winnie. The Pooh, you'd go to jail. I called Trump, Winnie the Pooh, I go viral, that's the difference. And that difference to you is, is somehow inconsequential. Dear lord. Dear Lord move now Beijing once you. Meanwhile in Hong Kong, they fight like hell against this new extradition concept because they don't actually want to be treated like the rest of China. Joe Biden finally realising the threat of China, but not accepting the fact that the president moving on wall, way moving on five G has been if not him the people. He's listening to exemplary in starting the fight the pushback, the removal of the computers, institutes from campuses across America. Congressman Jim banks has discussed this with me before he's going to be on the show on Tony catch today at eleven thirty. So tune in for that. This brings us to people to judge in his speech. Now I'm gonna I've got a lot to get to in this because when I first heard the speech I only heard the first part of it yesterday. Played it live. He's, he's democrat running for president. Of course, the mayor south bend. Get a lot of play. And some of these earned and he's giving a foreign policy speech. Ooh. This is different. This isn't just the same old caterwauling. Well, the first part of the speech was nothing but the same old caterwauling there was nothing but a Trump attacked twenty four seven three sixty five. It was really ugly. And I said, okay, I've heard all this, then he got into the meat of his speech, and I'm going to share a have. So I have notes. On it. Because there are some parts where he's going to America to agree with him. On the idea of, let's say endless war, and there are some parts where clearly he's engaging in some initiation. Let me give you one spot right here. While the current administration lacks a coherent policy. It does show a patter troubling one. When it comes to its conduct abroad. This administration has embraced and emboldened autocrats while alienating democracies and allies around the blow it is undermined America's alliances partnerships and treaties. It is implied terrorists as tantrums provoked trade wars while disinvesting in the education, healthcare, and infrastructure fundamental to our nation's long term strength. It is set. It has set defense spending priorities, according to the wars of the past rather than deterring wars of the future, and it has been hostile to immigration costing us people and skills, we need while demonizing, those who look or pray differently. Now there's a lot there. Because while we can discuss long and hard wars that go on for forever, and putting an end to those, which is something you would get the president to agree with you on the idea that aligns have been undermined, and the idea that education is not thought of as important. And the idea that wanting to do something about illegal immigration is about attacking immigrants in the totality is very broad. Too broad not enough. Fact, we're going to break it all down map air traffic on the fives. What's going on taking a look at the north west side, Tony northbound four sixty five still pretty quiet from eighty six street up to eight sixty five over on the east side of people out there around the lower.

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