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Sports leader. No, It's not Murph and Mac Murph, his riding in an upgraded uber Somewhere in Marin. It's Mark Will it in for the guys Hope all is well, get ready for a happy new year and man, this is definitely going to be a very happy New year, looking forward to flicking 2020 out the back window. But before we do that, let's hang out with Matty Naoko for a little while on the 40 Niners, NBC Sports Bay Area What's going on that Nothing too much marked itself on a traditional coverted morning. Walk with my daughter way do about two miles every morning. And so you got me in a great time. Perfect. Perfect out in in fresh air. With the dog will bombing time with my 16 year old daughter. So, yeah, we're having a having a grand old time and no better time to talk to you about the The end of the season by a pretty forgettable season. The present 40 Niners. It's coming to an end. That's very true by the way out in nature, and it sounds like you're all masked up and being very responsible as well. That is true. Oh, goodness, which serves a good purpose as well, because it keeps your nose and mouth war. That's true, by the way, I was e told the listeners earlier a couple hours ago. I did something last night with my 13 year old son. I've never done before We played in a little nine whole Glow golf tournament at night. Um, And it was a ton of fun, except for the fact that it was like 40 degrees on you couldn't feel your hands by the second hole and and some people, you know when you're out on the golf course, and I was with one family member just very easy to distance and you don't necessarily have to mask up. But a lot of us did because we're like I need to keep my face from freezing right now. Yeah. And glove up to it Sounds like no, no doubt. No doubt. I could have been a two gloves golfer last night. It would have it would have made said so. So, Hey, interesting timing. Robbie Gold gets a two year extension after one of his worst days as a as a 40 Niner, but I think it makes sense and not just developed a few minutes ago. What's your reaction to that? Yeah, they had a deadline on Saturday that they had to pick up the final two options or final Two years of that deal, And so you know, the price tag was gonna be pretty difficult. So what they did was basically, uh, made a deal that was best for both sides, So they shave off some cap room and then keep him around for two years, so win win. Shaving cap room is an interesting topic for the 40 Niners. It seems like they're going to have to do that this offseason. Where are some of the other opportunities for them to do that? And is a Jimmy Garoppolo restructure, possibly one of them? Well, if the team decides that, yes, Jimmy Garoppolo is the quarterback and I think they have to do that. I don't think they have too many other options. But that's you know, that's probably one of the things that kind of opens the door and by the way, I'm walking uphill right now. So that's why I'm having panting away will be part of your workout. I love it. But one of the you know once they once they committed, Jimmy Holy, then I think you'll see a restructure, but before that, you know, I wouldn't expect The Ford Weston Richburg. Um, you know, those are guys that I think they can move on from, you know, guys who have pretty big contract for next year. So those are some of the areas where I think that they will Look to creation. Captain Matt are you feeling right now like that is the likely play a quarterback restructure and then either sign a high quality backup address it at some point in the draft, but but still have Jimmy G under center week, one based on Kyle's comments earlier this week. Yeah, I kind of read it like there was. You know, there was something that happened in the 40 Niners behind the scenes. I don't think that they just started talking about that this week. And so the way I read it was, you know, they've done their preliminary homework and They just can't find a reasonable solution. So to me, it seemed like Kyle's comments were pretty calculated. And so that that's definitely the way I read. It was. Hey, look, and he said it, You know they'll continue to explore options. Huh? In order for them to move on from Jimmy Garoppolo. There has to be a a knave, a new for them to get better. And you know whether that's you know, a quarterback that can give you what drop will give you And cost less to help out other parts of the roster or a quarterback. That's an upgrade a veteran guy who's proven, but that's kind of the way I read it was this fake. I think you'll be back or he said. I believe he'll be back. But they're keeping the door open, and I think the when it comes to the point Where it's you know, There are no other options. That's when you'll see them restructure. Yeah s o. I read something interesting this morning with regard to the actual Salary on the books coming next year for Matthew Stafford, and it's a lot lower than than what many of us thought based on the complexity of the numbers and how the cap it works. And all of that, so I would think, as you said, they probably explored a lot of these things. But but are those kind of veteran guys is that something that could still come up? Because I would imagine Detroit hasn't even They don't have a new group in there yet. So have they. Maybe not even addressed what they want to do. Going forward with with a player like that. Yeah, I think that's all part of it is that you know, there will be new decision makers and some of these places, So you know, the team will have to have conversations with whoever the The general manager is and Detroit's Where were the head coaches in Detroit and in the lines will have to figure out what they want to do at a number of different spots, including obviously the quarterback position, So yeah, that's why I think that you know they're not gonna And then when? Just so our listeners know here at least let me take my mask off. Restructure. I'm inside. Now restructure means that the player gets the same amount of money. It's just Structured in a way where the cap it is kind of spread out over time, and with Garoppolo is contract the way it is. Now there's basically no cap it if they were to move on from him, But if you you spread out that signing bonus, shall we give him whatever his base salary was gonna be, But you give to me as a signing bonus Now that money is spread out over time, so that's how You don't have to ask him to take a pay cut. He doesn't have to take a pay cut. It's just the way the money is doled out to him that has an impact on the salary cap. So the downside of that for the 40 Niners is next year whenever the team decides to move on from Jimmy Garoppolo. More money will count against the cap when he's not here or more of that, that money On this year will count against next year's capital. That's very doable this year of all years because the cap will be rising significantly in 2022. So that's why you would make that decision. But you don't do that until you know for sure. That grapple is going to be your quarterback that Naoko, NBC Sports Bay Area, our man on the 40 Niners joining us here on these ports later, Mark Willard in four. Murph and Mac. I don't text her earlier today. Asked about free agency and the texture named Trent Williams, Jason Moret. Kyle used Jack and carry Haider Junior and said, What do you think? Can they keep all these guys by answer? And I just want to check it with you and see if you back it. I was like I think that Williams and Moret will be prioritized Hiders probably gone juice 50 50. How would you have answered it? What I think I'll use check will be back because you look around the league and there just aren't very many teams that have a use for a full back so Would be led to believe that that used check will be back. I think I broke a one Williams in there as far as priorities. But here's the thing with all those defensive guys you mentioned are you of the belief that Robert Stahl is gonna be head coach in the NFL next year? Because I am right? And if you are.

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