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Non stop news starts now coming up on global want to board up ahead of a protest tonight I'm curling Johnson with details first we go live to A. B. C. for an update on our world come on his time twelve from ABC news time Chertsey return Attorney General Barr personally ordered officers to clear away peaceful protesters from DC's Lafayette park just before president trump in aids walk over to the stork Saint John's church so pictures could be taken of the president holding a Bible there last night that's what a senior justice department official and a senior White House official tell A. B. C. news urging peace ahead of memorials as we enter a second week of unrest across the country following the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police officers attorney Benjamin Crump says the Floyd family is asking for the public to take a breath take a break out for peace take roughly jester is take a brown to heal our country and take a breath George the first memorial will be held Thursday afternoon in Minneapolis his funeral will be held in Houston next week Ribeiro A. B. C. news Minneapolis former vice president Biden's expected at the funeral people have been kneeling in the street outside the store where there's a makeshift memorial to George Floyd in Minneapolis in downtown Manhattan near police headquarters the city's extended a curfew from eight PM to five AM through the week mayor bill de Blasio won the highest ranking uniformed officer in the greatest police force in America can take a knee with protesters to say we can work this through together that is the actual story that is the lasting story not when a small group of criminals attacks their own neighborhood in the Bronx NYPD arrested at least seven hundred people between last night and this morning three thousand miles southwest ABC's Alex stone you know Hollywood residents around cleaning up broken glass and helping to board up buildings after another night of violence including bands of looters work together breaking into Hollywood shops police here say a night time curfew will remain in place allowing them to arrest anybody who's out after six PM vast majority of protests around the U. S. are peaceful you're listening to ABC news stay informed como midday good afternoon it's twelve oh two I'm Taylor and size with top stories from the commode twenty four seven news center at already demonstrations in Seattle this afternoon come was Jeff Pohjola joins us live with the latest on a March organized by an orchestra and opera group Taylor this started at Benaroya hall A. ended bald musicians from the orchestra performers from Seattle operated March through the downtown streets it is now ended up here at the call the adult center now the group was largely made up of of white people most of them young and you black people in the audience that took the microphone and called on them use their white privilege to make change the crowd is still here at the steps of federal hall hall creating black lives matter all of this of course in response to the death of George boy well I doubt that the alcohol the images and video we saw around the death of George Floyd certainly something that would stick with the and there is now a video of two Seattle police officers arresting a looter and doing a very similar maneuvers couples Brian Calvert has more cross cuts Matt McKnight captured video of the incident Saturday night as seen in the video Seattle police officers were arresting people downtown after a group broke into a cell phone store and began looting one of the arrests just too familiar in the video we watch as a still unidentified Seattle police officer attempts to subdue a man already on the ground by placing his knee to the back of the suspect's neck that elicited this first reaction from bystanders.

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