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A crash was after 28 Centerville We found in the traffic camera there, everything is not confined to the left shoulder. Up blocking any traveling for a while. They were also doing some work in the media in there, but now everything's confined in the shoulder on Lee and you're able to get by and all travel lanes farther east on 66 westbound to your slow through Vienna, its volume between the Beltway in 1 23 On 95 going south flowing out of Newington jammed, in fact, most of the way toward Quantico with very few breaks. After Quantico, you catch a bit of a break What you'll slow again leaving Stafford, and that's going to crawl you all the way down toward Fellmeth Route 17 to the crash just to the south of that. That was blocking the right lane. Now we're watching that last video truck pull away, So my girl leans or open south on 95 south of 17 found with. Nevertheless, the delays remain heading into Fredericksburg. Coming north. You'll slow coming from before Thornburg most of the way up toward the center for Parkway. A few breaks along the way. After that the pace improves easy pass lanes are North. Route seven westbound west of the Battlefield Parkway in Loudon County, Leesburg. There was a report of Erect Police should be there into Maryland Beltway in good shape, mostly Baltimore State Parkway slows North down, leaving the Beltway to the crash near powder Man wrote on both shoulders South on delays toe Look, We're leaving 1 97 to powder Mill Road West down to the Bay Bridge, jammed from at least 62 toward to 13 through the fire for four signal. In a slow again from Kent narrows most of the way toward the bridge. Eastbound delays from Whitehall Road. We're getting better all the time to the bridge span where there was earlier crash now cleared. The reporters are driven by Fitzgerald. Autumn a shot it's first and save money on New Toyota's Hyundais and Subaru's visit that small dot com transparency You can trust I'm Jo Conway. W T P. Traffic to storm Team four. Meteorologist Lauren Rickety Windows arraigned this morning. Now we're just looking at lingering showers as we continue through the day laboring clouds as well. Peaks of sunshine here and their temperatures topping out in the mid 70 some.

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