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Pike and massacre returned to county a production of iheartradio and katie studios. You've got all these scenarios in your head. I think this may have happened her navy. They did this. Every family of a murder victim does that you lay in bed and you think what happened. Why did they do this to did this. There's someone out there roaming around that killed two people that you could be standing beside in the grocery store and scary is the pike massacre returned to pay county season two episode ten hopper road. I'm courtney armstrong a television producer at katy studios stephanie. Lie decker and jeff shane over the course of producing this series. We've spoken to several members of the road and family because of a gag order and impending trials for the wagner family. They have been unable to go on record but earlier this year. One member of the family told us that her friend a pie. Tin resident named angie montgomery wanted to share a story about her own family and a loss they had suffered some years back. Coincidentally that same week a listener wrote in asking about that exact case so for this bonus episode as gear up to the season finale. Next week we decided to look into it. Angie perhaps more than most people can empathize with with. The roads are going through when we spoke to angie. She had just heard about jake. Wagner's plea deal in the road murder case. This news hit angie especially hard. She told us that she immediately reached out to her. Rodent family friend. I remember texting her just telling her. I was sorry that had to hurt so bad knowing that you sat down to eat christmas dinner with these people. You went to church with these people. So i can't imagine finding that out. Angie reflected back on the day. The bodies of eight members of the rodent family were found. I think we lost our innocence. That day we lost our wholesomeness our trust. We lost everything it was like you weren't a days this is happening. Your like where am i living. What's going on here. it's crazy angie's bewilderment is no doubt informed by her own tragic loss ten years before the road and family was gunned down. Her cousin curtis francis and his fiancee. Jennifer forget were also murdered and pike county. Angie spoke with producer. Chris graves about it. I know this probably hard. But can you describe for me. What happened to curtis jennifer on december. Ninth two thousand. Six curtis at his friend's house visiting he had been drinking that day and having a little bit of fun and jennie had came down and told him that he needed to get home and he laughed about ten thirty that night and went home and his mother talked to him before he went to bed. Belt midnight. I think in jenny had talked to a friend. I think about eleven thirty so they were going to bed and the next day. Nine one one call came in that genie's.

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