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What i do that's one of the few sports movies i really love sports movies big box sport what about what's the wine about idaho basketball kids no that's about std's people raping people hoosiers that what about friday night light radio what about radiohead what about kid a buy rating i like i only like the first song on kit which is saying add the heavy things can i oh actually sit you're actually singing it can i hear that it's still on everything that sounds like every over everything in its place it's the calmest i've ever seen where clues yesterday i was sucking on a lemon yesterday the gay this is sucking on a lemon yesterday selkona lemon radio headstone everything everything in its players sounds like before stolen kills himself all right that's three hey gang i'm howard kremer and we host the podcast who charted where comedians join us to talk about the top five songs in movies of the week we discussed everything from mumble wrath to new country debating neil young versus jimmy buffett and which movies seemed to loud howard i often watch movies together the tara show and i often treat the movie theater like a buffet and take a few samples maybe two helpings of a black panther a spoonful of ready player what after the charts we all ring in our personal favorite songs of the week tell stories and howard may give tartus a few summit tips that's right have asama summa is upon us and you need to have some new some obeyed suit of course some secret listen to chart it on apple podcast or wherever you listen to podcasts charts.

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