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So much to do on a Monday, but I want to get some calls in a moment. The first Since we've been following this very, very closely. A lot of people are giving us a past. They really need to pay attention to this. This is from the hill. New York Prosecutors give Trump Organization lawyers Monday Deadline report on Mondays today. New York prosecutors have given former President Trump's attorneys until Monday afternoon. Which has passed to provide an argument as to why the Trump Organization should not face criminal charges of the Washington Post reported. You can see the leaks coming out of this, uh, Cyrus Vance operation. Last week, it was reported the Manhattan Da's office was considering bringing criminal charges against the Trump Organization as a whole. Against executive Alan Weiss Loberg. This is his old guy who's been right who's been the financial officer for decades because they're trying to get Trump. New York Times reported. Trump's attorneys had made an appeal to prosecutors from the DA's office to not file charges against the company. The two sources close to the matter. How do you like that? The two sources close to the matter told the post that Trump Organization attorneys now have until Monday to make a case as to why the charges should be filed. Investigation. This investigation has been going on for four years. And they have filed dozens of subpoenas and have gotten millions of pages of documents. Into transactions. I'm sure they go back years and years. Unbelievable. This is the same data who wouldn't go after All those perverts. From Hollywood who live in the New York Yes, He's such a hack. Last month, the New York Attorney general's office announced the investigation. Which initially had been any civil nature had been expanded to a criminal conspiracy now. If you watch my Fox show a couple of weeks ago you saw that she campaigned on going after Trump criminally. So she should be recused. And despite art The D A. Vance, The attorney General James are working together on the investigation. They always reached out to the Trump organization. This is how the prosecutors work, the Post, said. Alan Food, Serifis, an attorney for the Trump organization, didn't respond. Well, Why would he? Trump lasted state and local prosecutors last month, calling the investigation and he's right. The greatest political witch hunt. It is sickening, but Again. The American Marxist. This is who they are. This is how they conduct themselves. Criminalized politics. And if you don't bend they destroy you. Here. You have a woman this Latisha James. Is that her name Mr Producer? Who runs for attorney general of New York on a platform that she's going to get trump criminally. And what is the New York State bar done about it? Nothing. They're going after Rudy Giuliani. Rudy Giuliani. Pretty incredible. Before I get the cause. I want to remind you about these corporatists, who are also addressed in American Marxism. Nike CEO, This is the daily mail. Says sports giant is a brand of China and for China. In earnings call amid concerns corporate America is too close to Beijing. So this is interesting. So the CEO of Nike John Donoghue has basically said Hey, where a Chinese company But we're a brand of China and for China were basically a Chinese government. Weena We started in America. We're headquartered in America, all these clowns in the professional and collegiate sports They wear our stuff. We know we've stuck at the American people over and over again. But look We're really a Chinese Communist party. We don't care what they're doing to the Wickers. We don't care about what they're doing. The Christians, We don't care what they're doing. The Tibetans they can slaughter and rape and sterilizing aboard all they want. Thank goodness for the daily mail that has become a real newspaper. CEO of Nike, said the company is a brand of China. During a recent earnings call defending the company's position in that country. The comments come months after sportswear apparel company was embroiled in a controversy over alleged human rights abuses in the country. This week. CEO John Donohue conducted his quarterly earnings report for the company. He asked about the company's plan in China by an analyst. We've been in China over 40 years, too, invested significant time and energy in China in the early days, and today we're the largest sport brand there and where brand of China and for China We'll continue our long term investment in China. During the earnings call, he was was revealed that Q four revenue in that country rose 9%. On a currency neutral basis. Additionally, the company sold double digit growth in the country for the seventh consecutive year. So these corporatists It doesn't matter if you're a genocidal regime, you know, people have often said to me, Mark, How is it? The disk of the Third Reich? Yeah, these companies. It just kept Going along. Pumping out products doing their thing working for the Nazis. Well, look at this. Who's Nike working for Who's Nike working for Despite the growth sales in the Greater China era, actually area actually failed to hit Wall Street expectations this past year. And it goes on. I don't have any Nike products that I'm aware of, unless they have some brand in front of that, that I'm not aware, but I don't buy Nike anymore. My family doesn't buy Nike anymore. And, uh, The UK's conservative Party. Human Rights Commission report said the tens of thousands of wigger Muslims have been transported to factories across the country to work. Report noted that one of the most shocking new developments in the last five years with that forced labour was now used throughout China factories, which are part of the supply chain of major international corporations. Yeah, Yeah. Yeah, while they're here in America going on about Georgia Legislature And the founders. These people are funding the genocidal communist regime. It went on. Under conditions that strongly suggest forced labor leaders are working in factories that are in supply chains of at least 83 well known global brands and the technology, clothing and automobiles have sectors including Apple. BMW Gap, Nike, Samsung, Sony and Volkswagen. Let me use the old language that wagon. Gigi Hangzhou and Nathan Russ Er, who are authors of a report by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute about the forced labor of leaders gave evidence to the commission in an online hearing. They said they discovered in 2019 that Wickers were being transported from Zhang to other provinces to work doesn't just break your heart isn't the sickening Ju and Rooster said it's a policy of the central government, the result of tens of thousands of people pushed out of their homes every year and sent to eastern provinces to work and supply chains of international brands. They added that in the factories, workers were subjected to the conditions of forced labor. Having to work under heavy surveillance and in a few hours of free time were compelled to attend Mandarin Chinese language classes.

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