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Up. and He's already said even in the press release where they said they were going to go only conference games. He basically said you know if we play, you know he's already hedging I mean I. Think it'll be the big ten, certainly not going to be the SEC. They'll be. They'll be the last one. I mean in Alabama you know. Alabama football is religion Yep. You WanNa follow poll because that was a little bit double Dutch to me. No. I was just an Abbot. Some of these you know we're starting to see some of that looking at golf. They were one of the ones that I came back in. The ratings are good, and it seems to be working for golfers. That's something that you think can continue. Yeah, Golf and tennis are the two sports that that you can play and socially distance right. and if you watch the Golf Golf tournaments I, mean they're you know they're? They're keeping their day. I mean they always did? But they're keeping their distance from each other except for their caddies, and there's no, there are no no people they're. They're no fans there. It's purely a television event, and it really is working just fine. I think you'll find the tennis will will sort of the same way I I'd be surprised if they have to cancel the US Open. Open because again you know the players around on other side of the net, and as long as they don't. You know handshake or hogger whatever they should be fine. It's it's the it's the contact sports. We have a problem and it's all about the NFL. Let's talk about the elephant in the room. Are you expecting Roger? Goodell to just play it by ear, or is he going to try to take a bold statement? We're going. We're not going. No He's got. They have to play it by ear. They really don't have any. They desperately WanNa play, but you know with the networks. I mean. It. It's hard to overstate how important professional football is to the television networks. Honestly it's it's the only thing that keeping cord-cutting cutting from from being even more widespread than it already is, and so there's enormous pressure to play these Games but you know they're all a little nervous because they don't WanNa wake up tomorrow and say Oh twenty New York jets have. Have our covert positive. You know what or two they'll they'll. They'll blow through it, but now they won't so basically. They've got their fingers crossed. Yeah, it's interesting. We'll have to see how this is. All GonNa come to a head really of the next several weeks for a lot of these big big leagues in College, Football, pro football, and lots of other things Jonas Sarah. This for Bloomberg opinion. Thanks so much for joining us on the phone from South Florida. We will pay attention to this. 'cause as Joe was just mentioning. It's a big businesses to the schools for the college level and on the pros but it's also big big business for the broadcast and cable networks that really rely upon sports programming the advertising it.

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