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Upon decisions made in the next week or so in consultation. With the executive branch and the foreign governments around the world. It's AH, it's an interest in the books will be written about the next 60 days. Pete Peterson. Yeah, That's absolutely right. You mean the this Administration began in history and it will end with historic decisions. And so I think very 15 off what we've experienced these last four years it I agree with you that legacy. And healing, literal and figurative need to be the focus of these next few months. Pete Peterson, dean of the Pepperdine in graduate School of Public Policy, Thank you for joining me before the sun comes up in California. I want to get one more call in from Georgia. Lance, where you're calling from Lance. Nadia, Georgia. And where is that? It's about 90 Miles north of Savannah. It's right between making around Are you Listen on 7 20 out of Macon. No, we can't. Close the stakes for our own. I can't get that cyclist too, you know, and well, thank you. Good to have you under nap, sending around. What do you think about the special elections on January 5? After a lot of Republicans went one does walks. A CZ, You said it's a radical. The only reason the runoff Coast Collins and left her slip about. Um and I think, uh, you know, Davor do was within That's rear end of winning without a runoff. So I think that should replicated sales from January. But are you gonna work to make sure I mean, we can't take that for granted, They should win their center right people in a center right state running against radicals. They should win. But not if people are are discouraged because President Trump has not won. I mean, we got to get the Republicans going. Well, I mean this area sites in southeast Georgia. This is The red country. The problem's going to be in Savannah, Brunswick, Albany in Atlanta. That's your problem. Yeah, but that but the deep Reds got to get even deeper red. I mean, you've got to go out and you got to get people to show up like they've never shown up before. I'll tell you what would drive it. I know you can take your focus off the presidential at this point of view, so it's a lost cause. I already think of people think there's a chance it could turn around in the presidential election. They'll drive even harder, so I wouldn't Encourage the Republican Party and you're the leadership not to get to give up on that issue. Not Teo. Absolutely. In Georgia. The recount matters a lot. They got to do it. They have to do it, Lance. Thank you. I also have to tell you about relief factor dot com..

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