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Fifty zero sixteen twenty twenty has more significance as well which will tell you about it just a second glad you're with us tonight tomorrow away coming up here in a little bit less than ten minutes Marty Lorian Ahmed for read on the show tonight as well I was just telling that story about interviewing for a job upper deck back in the day shout out to our to our friend in the four one five area code was texting in asked if if Danny Martinez came up on the test actually first asked me if Jenny Martinez came on the test of my who's Jenny Martinez she work at upper deck touches like Mel auto correct they have it Danny Martinez no I did not get any Martinez but I love that that was asking Terry Martinez if you are of a certain age if you're in my bracket if you're somewhere in that you know forty years old forty five years old that's where I'm at did you remember collecting baseball cards in the eighties we all did it we all did in fact it's such a level that the cards are now worthless because they were so incredibly over produced a baseball cards have bounced back in the last decade but unfortunately that doesn't do anything for my mark McGwire rookie card which is now ruined because he took steroids and everybody has one but outside of that all is well but Danny Martinez is one of those guys that you may never even seen pets but similarweb because baseball cards I played for the Expos version Canada and you know you're not a lot of years old or something like that I don't know places exposed they were like baby blue uniforms baby you don't Kerry Carter and and and and wondered why there was no your flap on his helmet yeah I'll allow a lot of different thoughts that we would have at this time the telemarketers you never saw a pitch but you had thirteen of his baseball cards operating get about the test so oh well June sixteenth twenty twenty five year anniversary of this can only be one this year's he is a player who didn't this is really all.

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