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At 51283605 90. Now you're are Todd and done about that. It is 805. I'm Todd Jeffries. He's done. Prior and together. It's the tide of Don show. And you could jump in at 51283605 90. Now check this out. The Austin City Council's Alison Alter She's asking police she Brian, mainly to investigate to find out if any. Austin police officers took part in the riot at the state capital of the nation's capital that is in Washington, D. C. Then she spoke with Fox seven news. We're at a critical point. In our history and people who want to lead in our community. Um, we need to speak out. And we need to be very clear to affirm our democratic values on day to be clear about our expectations. And sometimes that means holding people to high standards. And we need to have clarity s so that the community Can be confident in our law enforcement now. The Austin Police Association says the request was unnecessary and insulting. Right? Yeah, the police Association president, Ken Cassidy says. You just don't go willy nilly investigating people. There is no word on what the response will be from police chief Brian Manly. What kind of response He's gonna give Alison Alter. What is Alison alters motive here. I mean, this is just kind of random. She's just kind of trying to. She's trying to find a problem. She's trying to find the problem is not there. It's another example of how the City Council does not want to work with our police. It's another example of how our city council Dislikes our police force. It's ridiculous. It's unnecessary. They weren't there. And if they were there just simply protesting exercising their right to do so great. If they went inside the Capitol. That's another issue altogether. Does she have any evidence that happened? Did she have any evidence? Where is this coming from? Well, she not have anything better to do. There have been police officers all across the country that have you know that they were there. They did go inside, right? She have any evidence that any of ours were there? 51283605 99 find something productive to do Alison find something to do that makes our city a better place to live in. How about that? Instead of spending your time, your preoccupation. We're trying to find something wrong with the police. That's not there. How about that? How about that sister? We'd appreciate it is taxpayers. We would appreciate that ever so much. All right, Jump in at 51283605 90 ridiculous. So there were several people from across the state of Texas that were on hand for protest in our state Capitol over the weekend. Uh, you know, and in fact, several people they're armed in some cases, as we hear from K eyes. Jordan Banky, Despite some protesters being dressed like they're prepared for combat Sundays, demonstrations at the Capitol were brief and peaceful. Just feet away from armed Second Amendment advocates and groups that identify his libertarians. Anno overwhelming amount of law enforcement were on the Capitol grounds, which was closed to the public. I think that if.

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