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Absolutely. Not the type of things even talking to supervisors they hate it. They hate this whole thing of pushing and shoving after the whistle. And I said, why don't you just call it? It'll probably stop. You know? Well, they did. It is David. You can tell who starts. Yeah. If you're on that ice with four guys, and you got all supervisor up here. You know, who started that move starts the whole ruckus give him the penalty. Bingo. Guess what? Stop. They call it in that instance, vectors both guys were basically wrestling each other to the ice they needed to call something Don Owen, Sara Lee that the rate of price. You just made a three Steve sequence on the lightning sororities toss. Stamkos wondering why? To be careful here. Second violation be a penalty. Denno Windsor Petri in the near corner behind the net Riley short feed Felipe Denno in the left wing marches out three three to center ice cross ace for Petri. That is onsite across the lighting line into the right corner. He's checked by mcdonagh who dislodge is. It is it for Sara Lee. Couldn't quite snake. His way out to center is like, and it was on his tail so he directs it backwards to mcdonagh unwinding that. Now. It's turn up the right side at center. Eric turn across the Montreal line. Right circle centers. Did it Mr. Elliot front? Denno takes it away tying him up. His stamp goes Denno retreat by his own at to regroup Lanier getting a change Denno slides.

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