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Community NPR's Nina Totenberg has the details of the U. S. supreme court's ruling today that gay and transgender individuals are protected under the nineteen sixty four civil rights law and can sue on the grounds of workplace discrimination an employer biolase title seven that's the employment provision when it intentionally fires an individual employee based in part on sex it makes no difference if there are other factors besides the plaintiffs sacks contributed to the decision the statutory violation occurs if the employer attention intentionally relied even in part on an individual employee's sex when deciding to discharge that employee NPR's Nina Totenberg reporting and and double ACP rally in Atlanta has drawn roughly a thousand people demanding criminal justice reform and the resignation of Georgia secretary of state from member station W. A. B. E. Emily green has more a backdrop to the rally was last week's bungled election across the state voters contended with malfunctioning voting machines and lines that stretched on for hours with untrained poll workers some voters mistakenly thought that cast your ballot because no one told them their ballots had to be scanned in order to count James what all is state president of the Georgia and double ACP when we were marching in the streets will not operate Lloyd let's go out and vote we showed up to vote Tuesday was the police killing over the weekend of race hard drugs has added fuel to the calls for criminal justice reform in Georgia Brooks was shot in the back while fleeing police the medical examiner has ruled it a homicide for NPR news I'm Emily green in Atlanta the family Frisch R. Brooks is speaking out days after he was killed when police in Atlanta shot him outside a fast food restaurant has in Jamaica Holbrooke says people should know the kind of life that was taken if U. S. hello this young black man wolf look at your children when you see him later in a sense that your debt and is the sole you had a glimpse of what we post Richard Brooks was twenty seven years old the food and drug administration is now rescinding its emergency authorization for the use of two anti malarial drugs that president Donald Trump had been strongly promoting is covert nineteen treatment the agency cites data showing Hydroxycut Laura Quinn and Cllr Quinn could do more harm than good for patients with covert nineteen the drugs.

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