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Talking ninety nine troop withdrawal ahead cyber in security update I'm Evan handing an announcement that the trump administration will draw down about four thousand troops from Afghanistan could come as early as next week we're being told by US officials that if this tried and actually does take place that the bulk of the remaining US forces will be focus on counterterrorism operations targeting groups like al Qaeda and the local ISIS affiliate and where did the where the mission will kind of have a set back a little bit will be training local Afghan forces will be reducing the number of U. S. advisers to the local Afghan troops correspondent Ryan Braun another report of a hacker who turned a family's ring security camera into a peeping Tom a Kansas family was relaxing at home when a stranger's voice began commenting on every single move they may even complementing their Christmas tree it looking really really good guys hello the dead quickly disconnected the security system but not before the voice yelled at his little girl and mom says she still scared our daughter is still creeped out she couldn't fall asleep that night and I slept with her every night since because she's so scared well the family scared too the hacker sent them a pizza to let them know he knows where they live ring says it has no evidence of an unauthorized intrusion and said we could count security could be to blame the house is scheduled to vote on the articles of impeachment against president trump on Wednesday correspondent Jeff Zeleny says some freshman Democrats want speaker Nancy Pelosi to draft congressman Justin Ammash as impeachment manager for the expected Senate trial he is a former Republican on independent congressman from Michigan he's been a you know he's in speaking out against the president more than most any other Republican member of Congress and they thought it was for to add some credibility to the staff in being one of the impeachment managers that's essentially one of the the prosecutors if you will from the house side when this goes into a trial in the Senate in such a trial sixty seven senators would have to vote to convict I'm Evan.

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