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Okay. Let's get your questions. Hi, pre Louise in San Diego. And I'm wondering. Well, I'm totally freaked out by the fact that there's no readouts from from conversations meetings with Putin. And I assume that the senators know that I mean, if the public knows the senators, no, and I don't know why they're not more freaked out than than they have been and more wary of carrying out, his bizarre agenda. Anyway, thanks, I just needed to office. Even if it was just a line. Like, Louise, thank you for your honesty and candor with his back to your freak out and with respect to your question. As to why not more senators, and particularly in the Republican side are not freaking out. I I actually think that many of them are in every once in a while you saw Senator including chairman like Bob corker reveal his internal freak out when he would accuse the White House of being adult daycare. I think Mitt Romney probably is freaking out a little bit. He wrote that up Ed, which I think some people pooh-poohed, but other people welcomed, I think Mitch McConnell is freaking out in various ways. Even though he won't say it publicly he himself separate and apart from his concerns about how chaotic the White House's. He was fully humiliated by the president when he had a vote that got unanimous approval on a budget, even without funding for the wall. And then the president about face. So I think it's the case. And it's a theme we've been talking about week after week after. A week on the podcast that there's a lot of people who have problems with how Trump operates there are a lot of people who are really concerned about the Trump Putin relationship. The thing is talking about with the meetings and the readout are the series of discussions that Donald Trump and Latimer. Putin had in various cities, including Helsinki and Hamburg that the Washington Post has reported about suggesting that Trump is trying really really really hard to prevent the substance of those conversations from becoming no not just to the public. But also, even to the relevant internal high level White House staff, including the national security personnel, in some cases, the secretary of state and department of state, and that has a lot of people very concerned. It's got members of the house on the democratic side. So concerned they are considering as you may have seen in the news in the Washington Post article doing something fairly extraordinary issuing a subpoena to one of the interpreters who in at least a couple of instances was the only witness to the conversation between Trump and Putin. That would be an extraordinary measure. Later. But the problem with a lot of the things that Trump does is that it sometimes calls for extrordinary measures to try to undo the damage in make sure the information is known. I personally think it's a very serious step in a bad precedent to set going forward to the presence interpreter. But in a circumstance in which some people have ridden, including David from in a good article in the Atlantic in the last week, it may be a necessary step to take. So I appreciate your interest your frustration. Look, we all get frustrated the other night, I sent a tweet out when I saw the report that Donald Trump apparently has privately expressed great interest in withdrawing from NATO, and in my frustration, given the backdrop here, I sent out a, you know, somewhat ill-considered tweet where I said, you know, if this is true, Donald Trump should come forward state publicly his intent to withdraw from NATO. So he can be impeached and convicted by the congress to which a lot of people responded correctly, well, differences of opinion over policy are not a basis. Impeachment. And that is true. This is the problem with Twitter with two hundred eighty characters. Of course, that's correct. In part. I was showing the kind of frustration that I wish Republican senators show more of that you suggested in your call, but I will say that may be true the policy differences are not a basis for impeachment. But that depends on why one suggests they wanna withdraw from NATO and against the backdrop of the president of the.

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