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He will be the second person from my home area to make star wars movie because tony gilroy grew up like a town away from jane's mangled and like they knew each other growing up in in like in in the suburbs new york city arch county new york so because i used to work up there and i used to talk to james mangold like when he was making i think it was three ten to yuma i talked to gilroy like cool of course did rogue one after what's gareth edwards got out when he did like michael clayton so really film literate smart guy and yeah we'll see but yeah ben is right it's like it's really getting comical now that like it's just the same white guys over and over again and they're all talented fabra and you know and ryan and j j ron howard benny often weiss yeah and then but then what about in really boba fett like man i don't know there's also that obe obi one movie supposedly in the works like we're kidding all these movies telling the story of characters that i don't think we want or need to hear the stories of which is my biggest i think criticism of you know solo star wars story i know germain and i are both on the positive side of things but e even though we're on the positive side of things i think it's not a movie we need it did i mean and but not to get into spoilers with that movie that hits fitters what tonight thirty minutes on the on coast but i will talk vaguely as possibly as possible ken the movie i think sets up future star wars things and i'm kind of wondering a lot of people are taking that as like setting up a solo sequel in some way you guys have both seen this movie and i wanted to talk his vegas possible because we don't wanna spoil anything for anybody but do you think.

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