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Friday night hope everybody is having a very good one heading into a good weekend we bring in our body Kerry Crowley covering the giants in Arizona and I mean really cover the giants in Arizona how long have you been there already so do we four weeks tomorrow at that one Saturday two weeks ago a six week trip to the desert mark what I like how are you handling laundry that's a great question I do have a washer dryer by unit so that that's not an issue I've got washer dryer here and yeah that's the big issue for me is every single female basically have to be eaten now sell I'm I'm not losing any weight down here say that restaurant quality life I'll something like that chain quality life home is there is there a restaurant there nearby that you've just latched onto there and like you're like norm it's years now when you walk in so I pretty much have to chop shop for lunch every day it's the it's a relatively healthy option got stale and then I try and go to this place called gap thank you it's a lot of and they do it like chipotle style so it's relatively cheap to get various options and that I have to go to dinner spots that those two are definitely my favorites down here all right all right that's I'm putting those on the list and I bet you won't miss them though when when you're gone after after six I can go I can go a long time without a break yeah no doubt all right so giants baseball this thing is coming up quick mail like we are we are what we're less than three weeks from opening day now and I I wonder what some of your overall take aways give me give me a little bit on the outfield I you know this guy Joe McCarthy had had an interesting day how would you handicap the race for the outfield spots right now yeah believe it or not was three weeks ago it's still almost impossible to tell the starting center fielder will be in the starting right fielder we'll be on opening day you can pretty much pencil and hunter pence if the Dodgers use a left hander and I presume Clayton Kershaw will catch if they do go with what could you learn to be Alex Dickerson but I have to think my keystrokes he will be in there that you guys love him but mark I really wouldn't rule out the idea of Marie should upon starting in center field on opening day because they want him in the lineup they need have exposed if they get the excitement that he brings in right now no one else is really separating themselves even darker Billy Hamilton Austin Slater they'll bring you a little bit but no one has had that spring that jumps out and says wow that guy has to be on the opening day roster we have to give him a shot as soon as possible yeah Davis is really not doing that is the I mean what what are his chances right now get a coaching staff loves Jaylen Davis they think did he have gone through you can store for a breakout season but right now Taylor Davis is struggling at the plate and it would not surprise me if you open the steel truck late Sacramento I witnessed that that two or three weeks ago when things got going just because the coaching staff is so high on him and they loved it the changes he's made to his swing path they think that his power is going to be critical for the giants this season but it you know he has really struggled for three day with three strikeouts against Milwaukee Brewers didn't look good and so he's still searching for the plate but the one thing with the big gate Kaplan Farhan Zaidi one everyone remembers that no matter what happens by the end of spring training the sample sizes will still be really small and the fact that all of these players get in the end of March and the first month of the season in April that's going to really dictate what the roster looks like the rest of the season and not so much what happens in the first three weeks down it's got stale probably very news group on that these sports leader I did join market thrown out today you should get thrown out we got out after a call from the whole plate umpire to Kate it was not close to being a strike three you know it was off the plate pretty much everyone could see that but I was told by two thousand fifteen first round draft pick Phil Bickford step still big for revenge game wearing number ninety one former giants farmhand traded now will this deal back in twenty sixteen has never advanced past hi a but she had three strikeouts and innings today walked off the mound with flair and confidence and so it was kind of funny to see both you go up against each other Gabe Kapler didn't mind that there was a fire from Joey Barton the umpire I have a quick trigger there a you know a spring training everyone could have had for patience but ultimately I think you like to see that competitive edge from a guy like a fart as long as this is like a recurring theme hi where he gets into it with empires but he was in the right on the call I know that that Sean jelly got sent out and Ellie arrivals of course wasn't invited in the first place the fact that Joey bart made first cuts our war or not read anything into that at all are we now they need catchers they need catchers to capital city catchers to give buster Posey a break in the train stop playing every game spectating so but he played any other position that you do do it but he was always going to be passed first cats just because he had behind the plate I saw your article also about the fact that the guys who were sent out some of them down to to Sacramento camp there there were some surprises there let's start with the endo Gustav a hot wise he sent out already so do capitalist state okay a successful secondary pitch the Gustav they can throw for strikes they love the ninety seven ninety eight heat but if that's all he's got it set up for work at major league ballparks they really want to find a secondary offering whether it's a breaking ball or changeup but not get back to work with that so that he can't come up with the quick photo I'm smaller on the bullpen I saw your comments about Sam Selman as well I do a little stock up stock down thing sometimes on the show and just last night I'm like Sam sellers he this guy has given up a run the entire spring and they sent him out the first since they can get what happened and he has looked pretty good so I would say that's a really good sign Azon authority thank you Jerry never side Charlene Garcia on the former Miami Marlins pitcher who can't they got him on a waiver claim I think our Seattle out of options will definitely break camp with the team that they would have to pass it off they added Jerry Blevins the forty man roster total one hundred pitch yet because he's not healthy but maybe every swaras flights in your world opens up because he's got a strong left handed options so far in short bursts also yes I think the strongest burnt we're gonna need printed rosters for the first two weeks for the bullpen our way without a doubt well yeah actually in the bullpen because this competition is gonna go down to the wire there's fifteen days and they don't pull eight out of a house on March twenty third when they actually decide the team because I might take the day off that day I'll need everyone might be eating I'll tax your body yeah all all all check it out all have your back yeah it's it's going to be something you mention in these water as I was thinking with what happened at Tyler Beatty made maybe Suarez even slides into it into the number five spot but what what do you think America are you definitely could he is positioned himself well for that without his performance so far this spring there was a lot harder slider right now to change up looks better dish that you see in her favor the foreseen aren't so that's worked out for him I tend to think that they will actually end up going with two guys in that role if you don't even need a fifth starter until the third week of the season but I think it could be something like mobile apps are sporting and Trevor Cahill throws three year Trevor Cahill pros for American web restore your Tyson Ross could be in that mix Derek Rodriguez could be in that mix I don't think that the fifth starter will be someone who's going to give the giants six or seven innings during the first month the season maybe all this year they are really going to look at creative ways to deploy their pictures and make sure the guys in the back invitational artspace in interest three times through the order so it would not surprise me if they did something relatively our traditional with starburst Bach I'm cautiously excited about Kevin Goss Matt how do you look today electric I would be cautiously optimistic till eight there is so much to like about the way that he throws the ball it's basketball it's split he's got the fire going but that splitter can really be one of most devastating changeup that in all of the National League let's go right so far he's had it this spring it's a really good package and you know he thirty Trussell spoke twice in a row today I just got bad bad Webster so he's at seven innings two hits no runs one run I should stay on the spring and he has looked really good and that you know it's hard to tell down in cactus league play because hitters are still car calibrating the timing but you have to be encouraged by what Kevin Costner is off the giants thus far do you go out to some weird pop up and there was no one there so can you describe this play today what happened yeah this is going to take awhile to describe Johnson spoke at the plate four man outfield because even extreme pull hitter in the air three men in the field all three infielders on the right of second base so Kevin Costner Kirsten a fastball in on the hair smoke popped up less out of the infield normally the surveys will be there only the short stop would be there and no one was there because this extreme ship so Kevin Gough and racing after he said I thought I was gonna have a top ten play he tumbled to the ground realizes no I'm gonna be a knock talk at four setters yes the ball fell to that fell to the infield dirt moke was safe at first everyone got a good laugh because doctor got up it was okay sometimes analytics is also known as outranking yourself eight ninety four so that's all that is going to work against a guy like Justin Smoak you keep playing the numbers like that it will open today I guess you could allow your sort of spring training Kerry Crowley is with us Hey Kerry another extra base hit for Mauricio do bond speaking of cautious excitement and I know he's already shown a thing or two at the major league level but I'm starting to look at this guy and part of it is just the way he plays not his stats but just that joy that he houses like Steph curry level joy out on the field but then you're looking at the production of the extra base hits what do we think the ceiling is for him this year the feeling is fairly stable maybe the giants war leader it would not surprise me at all if you added up you know with a hundred and forty games played at four or five different spots.

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