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Gilroy Jeffrey Schaub Katie CBS KCBS is Holly Quan is live in Gilroy this morning with more on the families of some of the victims of that shooting Holly thirteen year old Kayla powers are us and as they would have been fourteen on Saturdays with eating ice cream of the garlic festival when the shooting started thank third to run away and those that would like right away killer belt and sleep dot that she felt that she was actually shot and card use government health of the family didn't know that those who a lifelike with us is in surgery like we thought that she will be you know like taking care of us at the hospital we never thought she would be like to see the family thinks that she was one of the shooters first victim also killed a recent college grad Trevor be a biology major from New York without the festival with her fiance she survived and six year olds even Romero the first to be identified was shot lane you're about house when a bullet tore through him and ended up injuring his mother why the Christmas park in Gilroy Holly one case to be I think you Holly authorities in northern Nevada say they have searched an apartment believed to have been used by Centene a league and mineral county district attorney Shawn role confirming the search by the FBI and local sheriff's deputies of one of three homes in a modest stucco single story building overlooking Walker lake a few miles north of Hawthorne Nevada mineral county sheriff Randy Adams called the investigation on going declined in a statement to provide information about what was sought or found a spokeswoman for the F. B. I. N. of Adam also declined to comment governor Gavin Newsom says every time California passes sensible gun legislation gun lobbyists file suit it seems to be an endless cycle we just passed laws to ban large capacity magazines the national rifle association.

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