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Bridge as well as all of the upper east river crossings are all very heavy get your truly free credit score and free credit monitoring from credit karma download the credit karma app today credit karma get knowing i'm karen stewart with the raycatena dot com auto group fan highway patrol also sponsored by mavis discount tire logging in say that mavis tire dot com where can it take your business from big dreams to the big time from building bottom lines to building relationships from bridgehampton to broadway bnb bank is passionate about your business and its success one of new york's fastest growing community banks bnb has helped build and grow businesses for more than one hundred years bnb many success stories one bank visit bnb bank dot com member fdic equal opportunity lender let's say you just bought a house bad news is you're one step closer to becoming your parents soon you'll have a separate fridge in the basement or extra groceries are exiled forever remember that frozen lasagna of course you don't it's been down there since two thousand eight good news is it's easy to bundle home and auto through progressive and save on your car insurance piece of cake behind the lasagna is very old progressive casualty insurance company affiliates and other insurers come out available in all states or situations support for this show comes from our friends at rocket mortgage by quicken loans the mortgage company that decided to ask why why can't the mortgage experience be better for everyone and why can't technology help all of us move into the home of our dreams faster and easier.

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