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I'm Steve cave in the campaign. Two thousand eighteen pace is picking up. You must say no to open borders, not socialism and no to higher job killing taxes. President Trump who is in Missouri last night holds rallies today in Indiana and West Virginia four days before the midterm election. CBS news political analyst Leonard Steinhorn, they'll tell his supporters his voters. Look, we've got a great economy. Don't put them in because they'll turn it backwards and reverse our progress that's gonna be one of his arguments in the closing days. In addition to sending troops to the border and the whole birthright citizenship issue and former President Obama makes campaign stops for Democrats in Florida and Georgia President Trump began his tweet on the October jobs report with the word while government said employers added two hundred fifty thousand jobs last month, the unemployment rate held. Steady at three point seven percent business analyst, Jill Schlesinger best news of this report has to do with wages wage growth expanded by three point one percent from a year ago that it's the strongest annual pace for wages since April of two thousand nine US reimposing all the sanctions that were lifted on Iran when the nuclear deal was signed back in two thousand fifteen President Trump has since pulled out of it secretary of state Pompeii o- on KOMO X radio. Saint Louis was among the worst deals ever struck by the United States. And so the president withdrew back in may. And now this coming Monday, we will reimpose the sanctions that were in place the sanctions, targeted rans, energy and financial sectors funeral services today in Pittsburgh for the oldest of the synagogue murder. Victims ninety seven year old rose Melander roses family, even though she was three years shy.

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