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Financial advisor someone that can do more for using just boil rice not all financial advisers are as i said these transactional sales people for example an academic study that sought to examine the differences and outcomes for clients working with comprehensive planners and those working with transactional salespeople founded decidedly in favour of the comprehensive planner in other words you're returns are better you're risks are lower and you make better moves because sometimes it's better not to move at all when you have somebody there i know you don't need someone on hold your hand i get that but everybody needs a coach of sorts even great golfers like tiger woods had great coaches a morningstar study also looked at uh this advisor alpha if you will came to a consistent conclusion rather than attempting however the mess the measure the influence of actual financial advisers the morning star study aimed to quantify the potential value provided by better financial decision making something that they call gamma we've talked about this study before it's titled alpha beta now gamma as i recall and vanguard did a study also calling advisor alpha if you will but what what the morningstar study concluded was the equivalent of good adviser can add the.

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