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Of this week, not only do the parliamentary party have their ability to have their stay on this contest, but also the conservative membership. So Robbie, you know, other nations in Europe, they have a windfall tax. They have stable governments. They haven't seen market meltdowns as we head into what could be an incredibly difficult winter. The Conservative Party is in power here. Do you acknowledge the party's disorganization has made the UK lives for citizens in the UK and materially worse this winter? Well, I don't acknowledge that because what we have put in place quite rightly was the energy price guarantee. This is where the administration was looking at what anticipated energy costs were going to be for an average household. And they were predicted to be as high as 6000 pounds. So the government stepped in, putting the energy price guarantee in place. Ensuring that every household would be on average paying around 2500, that was a huge market intervention by the government. So I absolutely think that the government is on side of every household trying to do their best as national government to ensure that there is the ability for households to benefit with the predicted rises increasing predicted rises of utility bills over the winter period. And of course, that's in addition to the measures that were put in place just before the summer period that was going to kick in with giving out the individual payments for individuals whether they won disability benefit or. More means tested. So I think it's absolutely the case that the government is providing that level of support. Robbie and I have said that the conservative members party members should get their say in this race, but is this really the time to have another vote by Conservative Party members and shouldn't it be the case that if there are two candidates by 2 p.m. today that the one with the fewest number of support should withdraw for the good of the country? A time frame and a very quick time frame has been set by the 1922 quite rightly. So we will have a new prime minister this week. And I think it's absolutely right. That we have a candidate that goes towards number ten that is not only has the backing of the parliamentary party, but also the backing of the conservative membership. So I think that given the type time frame that has been set by the 1922 committee, which I think is absolutely right, this contest will be over very quickly. This week. So that then provides more stability for the nation. So I think it's actually right that we do have that ability to have that conversation because this isn't just about installing somebody at number ten. This is about ensuring the right person at number ten that we are able to unite, provide that stability, provide that calmness to the market and to the nation and that is penny more to my view. Robbie Moore conservative MP for Kayleigh in Italy and west Yorkshire, thank you very much for joining us. You're sporting penny

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