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You're helping your customers and all the vendors you work with providing jobs for their team. That's the way this economy works. That's the free market enterprise at work, and we have a responsibility, not only to participate in it, but to lead the way. I can't heal you medically, but I can help your business. And I can give you business, and that helps your business, and that's what we're doing right, so we're. We're about the business of business, and some of you don't agree with that, and you know what I don't give a rip. I'll give her up. Don't come. It's a voluntary event. It's worse than voluntary. We're GONNA. Charge you to come, so don't come. It's alright. There's people sitting in here in the lobby watching this event. Watching this show happen right now and we didn't make any of them come. They, all walked in here and stayed. You know and they decided they want to be. You know what that's called Freak and freedom is what that's called. It's freedom I get to do the flip. I WANNA do on a voluntary basis and I. Don't put anybody else at harm's way well. It's an interesting what I'm going to be doing. There's always a risk every time you leave. Leave Your House. You know I mean the statistics, the number of people that are killed in a car accident every day in this country are still higher than the people dying from Krona virus yet we all get in our cars, and we drive down the interstate, and that's a that's an assumed calculated risk. That's part of living your life in this country I travel I go. All over I. GO CRAZY DURING EVENT SEASONS I'm speaking on airplanes. I'm doing all this stuff and you see you won't pick up some germs. You pick up some germs traveling. You, know your professional germ picker. That's me and my mom. Yoon system is stacked I can tell you that and I go out at the brakes and shake people's hands and take pictures with folks and eight years ago. Backstage as I walked back in the door, we put in hand sanitizer so when I walk out because I don't need to be sick, I'm to stinking busy from I'm putting that on and I walked back in because people come in here with the flu or something else and I didn't want to catch it so now.

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