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Tire. Shop comfortable. I feel comfortable wearing warm you're warm, and I may just decide to get the hell out of here at any anymore. Had enough. You know, what I I'm still wearing like my made. Manmade season. I need like I gotta go to the full winter cow. Yeah. I was sorta rebelling against it because it's still only November. But I like I leaned is blowing in the wind. Chills are down. It's time to go to a winter coat already in November twenty sixth. The high tomorrow twenty four for the high stakes boots today. It's not even December. Would you eat that finance course bananas? Even though they go round, they're still not bad. You know, what you do to really really soft bananas? You tell me get a blue Brad homeboy. You got it. Best banana bread is made with a really squishy bananas. Squishy banana bread. Here in that letter. It's the good the bad the dirty. It's brought to you by Comcast business. What did you give up your Philip rivers completed his first twenty five passes yesterday in the chargers game against the cardinals? In fact, he did not throw an incompletion until the six minute Mark of the third quarter. He ended up twenty eight or twenty nine for two hundred fifty nine yards at three touchdowns despite that performance on my fantasy team. I only had seventy four points. That's a story for another time. But how about that twenty eight of twenty nine for two hundred and fifty nine yards and three touchdowns. They did take him out of the game. I believe early in the fourth quarter and.

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