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In the day, this would have been a must tune in To see what Warner Wolf had to say. I mean, you had that the Giants and the major injury would say Quan Barkley at the jet stuck again, the Yankees lost, Although they did make the playoffs. The Mets lost again. Ah! Good morning. Wonder what a fun day to be a sportscaster in New York. That's right. You remember the days Len Well nigh its own, too. But look at this the next three games 40, Niners, Rams and Cowboys beyond five before facing Washington and what I know, I know Warner that you love you love stats, and I was looking at the numbers this morning and I saw that the Jets had scored the fewest points in the entire E F. C with 30 and the only team in the entire league scored fewer points of the Jets. With the Giants, a 29 home and four double header. Put him together. That's speaking of the Jets, you know. Look at that. Gosh! They play the Patriots twice the Bills twice the Cardinal Seattle Rams and chief that's going to be nine losses told right there. I think they're both finished. And what was that place called the end of the Giants game? You see them last two plays. Here. They have to put the Bears 14 no timeouts. There's eight seconds left. Well, you've got to throw the ball the end zone twice. You go for the four yard pants? What was that? And then the force of the offensive pass interference. The Cowboys game. That was interesting. Great. They recovered a rare on side kid. And and they want a game. But almost lost because Mike McCarthy called for to fake punts in his own territory and missed them. Both man would he have had some explaining to do. And that the Chiefs game I don't have seen this the place kicker Harrison Bunker, he had to make three field goals on the same play an old time for the game winner. He made the first kick from 53 yards, but the Chiefs were called for a false start. He then made the second kick from 58 yards, but the charge is called a time out for the kick. Then on his third try, he won the game. A lot of practice. Come on a lot of practice. That's it. And, of course last night, the Seahawks stop Cam Newton on the one yard line on the game. Did you and Seattle beat the Patriots? Here's the land. I can't remember this. All 14 favorites in the NFL one this week. And discovered that I can remember that all four of you were betting close your eyes and pick the left. Yeah, that's what I did. Are you okay? Michael? Just jumping Michael Riedel jump in any time you want. Yeah, It's like you guys are speaking French. I have no idea what you're talking about. Michael. Jenna Power sports. That's the same one. But here's the question for you warning. So this this American guy with the French name Shambo. He won the U. S open. Is he the new tiger Woods? This guy? Too early. You can't sell me way too early, Tiger, where God, That guy was great for what 15 years Not way too early. But how about this? The poor, The weak I mean, this is it goes to a whining for loser. Cry, baby. LeBron James! Wow! Taken on the King Ha Warner. Oh, he complaining that he received only 16. Of the 100 won first place votes. From the writers and broadcasters for the NBA's Most Valuable Player award. Which went to Milwaukee. Jonah's D do combo affectionately known as the Greek freak. Now you talk about showing the fact a LeBron wake up. Be honest. He finished the regular season averaging Mohr points per game and LeBron. He had more rebounds and he had more block shots than LeBron. And he also became on Ly the third player in history. So when the defense of Player of the Year Award also and the MVP award the same year, so suck it up, LeBron and Get over it. I won 85 of the 101 votes one are going after the king. You know the whole world. A cz topsy turvy had the U. S. Open. By the way, Michael. That guy's name is Bryce. Andy Shambo. I know you butchered it earlier, but I know he's golfer getting along mile. Shambo. So you have the U. S. Army had the French Open tennis beginning today. That's usually in May and you have the baseball playoffs starting next week. Ah, Warner. It's topsy turvy. I tell you Yeah. Yes, French Open. By the way, my wife and I went one here. I have to say that was more fun than the than the U. S open or Wimbledon, which we also went to why? It was just well, it was a different atmosphere. 20,000 people and they and they would do the you know when you get up and sit down, Get up ways. Yeah, the waves. They were all drinking wine. I mean, that's why it was different right in finding eating cheese. It just seemed like more fun than to play. I gotta ask you guys, you a legendary sportscasters. I mean, I played tennis. I played on the hard court. I played on clay. And I played on grass, and I have to say the most interesting tennis game is when you play it on grass because the ball just does not bounce the same way it does everywhere else, and you really have to be on your knees to hit it. Back. Grass is a fun. Tennis grass is a fun way to play. How about Pickleball on grass? Well, you know, you could ask Chris Evert that you know she won 77 French opens. People when you say Chris average of what she's won the greatest play court players in history. I like the collection personally. I never played on grass Warner. Did you ever play tennis on grass? I never did. So I did. It was it was great. Because the ball it doesn't bounce it. Skin's so you have to go down on your knees. Nose. Tough. Yeah. And you got it right there on your knees. So you know, it's you know, it's a skill that you have to learn. And you're right down there and boom. You can pop that ball right over the net. As its skids on the grass one we've got about 30 seconds left Anything else float your boat this morning. Yeah. Finally, I'll go for 30 seconds. The big 10. Announced they will start their 2020 season next month and for two months Before the playoffs. Here's the question. When will the big 10 finally realize they have 14 games? Well, Math is not being taught that well in college. These things you know, it's good plus four or the Big Four. Come on, doesn't have quite the ring. Hey, Warner. Always great to talk to. You Have a great week. I get next week. Great water wolf, who joins us every month? Coming up. Next was the mask That kid was wearing in school. Inappropriate. Well, I guess it was will tell you what it was all about next. Hey, help Give your immune system A fighting chance by adding 10, plus service of fruits and vegetables to your daily routine..

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