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Many people want justice. They want full accountability under the law. Elliott said. He spent time with some of the protesters last night and despite the rioting and looting, he said he felt their anger and pain and does not believe they intend harm. Lisa Thanks Jessica Meantime, in Minneapolis, the trial of former officer Derrick Show Vin continues over the death of George Floyd focusing for a time today on more body cam footage. Prosecution objecting, in part because it doesn't show the arrest. But defense attorney Eric Nelson suggesting a different perspective is needed crowd was a distraction or three officers perceived this Gathering of people whether we want to call it a crowd or a group or whatever, whether the officers perceived that to be a risk or a threat. One defense expert testified that the force used was justified. Prosecutors argued that Floyd was not resisting arrest. Federal health officials offering reassurance about the Johnson and Johnson covert vaccine, noting that it's a very small number of rare blood clots that's led to a recommended pause in the shots. One of the six patients died as a possible link is investigated. The company is delaying the rollout of its vaccine in Europe and South Africa has suspended the shots there. America is listening to Fox fees You're next. Fox News update in 30 minutes. No, your top local stories are on twin cities. News talk dot com Minnesota News Network. I'm Bill Warner, Dante writes. Mother Katie said today She was on the phone with her son during the traffic stop that leads to his death and heard police. Tell him to get out of the car. Don t put the phone down. I heard some scuffling. He got out of the car and I could hear the police officers thin their hair. The police officer asked them to hang up the phone. And then when I called back the girl that he had in the car answered the phone. And it was on a face time and she said that she shot him. It's appointed the phone towards the driver's seat, and my son was laying there unresponsive. They say they attempted to take right into custody on an outstanding warrant, and as he tried to get back into the car, one of the officers meant to fire a Taser at him, but instead fired her gun. Both the Brooklyn Center officer who shot right and the chief of police have resigned. The defense called George Floyd's former girlfriend Shall Wanda Hill to the stand today, she testified. Floyd was happy and alert inside the Cup food store. But when the two went to his vehicle, Floyd fell asleep. Hill says. A short time later, an officer tapped on the window with a flashlight. And I was like, maybe fully open the door road on. Well, whatever he told.

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