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Like that? I like the hotel mirrors Slim you I want one of those. Do you have a £500? I'll be thinking of swim. Good looking looking fresh. So this doesn't happen. Does it happen him? It does happen a little bit in a mirror. But anyway, I've noticed this more with other people than with me. I guess I'm used to my own reflection. If I see somebody else's reflection, because everybody most people's faces a little crooked, Something's Kirk. It sure your smile's crooked. You know something's cooking and you see somebody's reflection in a mirror. And their faces the opposite of what you're used to the crookedness. It's really weird drill really throws you off. I've noticed that before Selfies on phones, Khun dude, that sometimes, like if somebody sent you a selfie picture ofyou. What's different about you know, I'm getting the reverse of what I normally see. You're you're you're Crooked smile was going the other direction, right? Right? Yeah, And it's so it's really weird. Sometimes it takes a second to recognize people like that is backwards. Yeah, well, yeah. Their facial recognition stuff works because our faces air soul. You know, unique? Yeah, Part of it, I think is, ah, I know is you know you're born with a certain facial structure, and then you do things to yourself throughout your life? Um, Various lip piercings. You guys are aware of what his radio Not everybody knows that. I have so many Mike brief career fighting apes where the scars are from my record was Oh, and, Well, never mind that. Well, part of it is that but Union Yeah. Lifestyle, you know, smoking too much tanning. Just a Jing. Just so you know how much you've abused yourself. Sure that that changes you might get a disease or condition to that sort of thing. Exactly. But then that's where you get the really unique facial. Look. Yeah, so I initially like, try to come out really strong at the apes. And that you were fighting and talking like £400 lowland gorillas to I mean, these were not like you knew you couldn't outstanding. A exactly So I think I'll come out like Mike Tyson. I'll just slam him right in the face and win the battle. But you know that didn't work. So then I thought, all right, let's be tactical about it. Let's figure out the apes weakness and turns out they have no weakness. No notes. I lost several more about Don't pound They are incredibly strong. Right, Right. Right. And then I have no concept of fair play. I would I would get in their ear and say, Listen, I'll give you 1/3 of my purse if you don't kill me, but they don't speak write and so another beating another night in the hospital. Finally, I gave it up in paper. Okay, but I just couldn't take it. I wasn't cut out for it. You are. It. That's guess I will. I get it mirror image forever, Michael. Nice. You're listening to the best of the Armstrong and get a show there. Armstrong and getting. I don't know if you've looked in the home security companies before, but there's some scary ones out there. You get trapped into a high price and a long contract. And you don't really like it. That's not going to happen with simply safe..

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