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How do we open up the tv negotiations again. So that we can get some more money coming in to be on some sort of level playing field at the big ten and the sec which they share footprint with west. Virginia just isn't going to move that needle is you're talking about. Hey we can add notre dame and then we need a sixteenth team. Then sure maybe west virginia is that team. But i think there's just as good a case to be made for team like cincinnati which is already playing top ten level football in a major market that expands the footprint at a school with a huge alumni base. And that's huge enrollment base. Where houston to get you in the texas. I mean there's there's a lot of different avenues you could go. If you're only goal is to get bigger. I think the point. What the acc. Jim phillips are trying to do is think. How do we get richer. Not bigger and listen. These tele. television deals don't always end up like you think they are the. Sec is still involved in one of those right now with cbs. if i could be so bold And they're having to wait to get out of it to get to the new deal. Which of course is with with espn so finally new commissioner. He comes from the big ten. He was northwestern He has ties to other schools. Of course so does he have to do anything right now. It or or or does he just wait it out and see what else happens. I don't think you can be a way to out scenario. If you're jim phillips. We don't have to panic scenario. And i had one eighty in the acc. That i talked to said look. I've got the utmost respect and competence. Jim phillips my worry is that some schools prefer fast and dumb over slow smart and i think that that that that jim philips understands like let's let's wait and see sort of a holistic view of of all that's going on in college sports right now and get an idea of building some relationships and i mean this is the other thing that's sort of. I think not talked about a ton in all of this is great. Sankey had a huge upper hand. And that the big twelve commissioner. Who is probably not gonna be around much longer and the other three leaks. Have new year's who really haven't built the inroads in those relationships Jim phillips has already trying to build a foundation. Before all this so i think it just takes some time it. Can he work on notre dame. Can he find a way to make that palatable to them. I think that's the number one priority. Still if that doesn't happen what comes next. I i know there is going to be a lack of patience in the long term particularly school. Like clemson and florida state. Who know they need to compete with the sec. Head to head and that's not just financially but it's recruiting and if the sec is sort of built a monica for itself as sort of nfl junior and people don't wanna go recruits. Don't wanna play in the jv league in the acc. These are problems that jim philips needs to address. So i don't think you can sit back and wait. I think he's gotta be proactive. But i think the time line on that is not. We gotta do something by the end of the month. It's we ought to do something maybe in the next twelve to eighteen months and by the way david don't i don't wanna break the news with that. Greenville talk show. Hostess tweeted that you call the acc j. v. league trouble just tried. Hey david thanks so much. It was a great conversation. Look for talking to you very soon. Fantastic stuff pleasure. Thank you that was really cool Some some real conversation there and we'll take a break. We'll talk to rick Haro in a moment about the value of what texas and oklahoma could mean or. We'll be meaning.

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