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Everybody should definitely baltimore. We have a way of speaking to each other through food. It's really renewed for me. My love of what i do. It's gonna take something far stronger than a pandemic to feed us all these businesses. I've taken precautions to make sure that everyone is safe. We're ready see what we've got going on. Plan your visit at baltimore dot org goner has weighed in on this on twitter and has made it up to new hampshire this discussion somehow someway and he said to all long island hockey fan. This is a goner assize. Tweet g. seventeen science and to all long island hockey fans are wedding. Date was specifically chosen based on historical ending dates for the stanley cup over the past twenty years. Sadly we didn't factor in a global health emergency and delayed nhl season when we pick the date last winter. He said that all said best-case scenarios. We get a picture of blinky in the stanley cup. After the islanders win the cup in late june so goner is officially in on the islanders and rooting for the islanders matt in his comments zach. Gelb earlier that we played said that you and gunnar have not come around to fully root for the islanders. Governor has publicly stated that he's rooting for the islanders. You're the last one left. He's he's he's totally doing it for political reasons. You know that. I mean he could run for office. I mean it's unbelievable. Okay all right. That's a public stance. It's a strong public stain. Flip is what that is. he said. best case scenario. The islanders win. The company was pretty plain to see where his allegiance. Flop is what that is a little flip flop situation. Well there yet. I do feel bad that the whole thing has happened in. Because you just don't want that stuff why you said he's going to miss game three and game four. She's going to miss two aims. Yes who both home games That's what i told you. But i told you they're best friends. Yeah she's known him longer than Than she's no matt that that is true and i know that there's there's no conflict in her mind but i know that her heart will be torn but i understand that but she's doing the right thing ball game three. At least she can be locked in on. Yeah would imagine came..

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