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Everything paid for Maurice. That's pretty incredible. Dude I'm Smilin' right now. Just because his whole life Maurice. Your whole life is about to be different. This is very cool. You got. Nothing mean not a house payment. When you don't have a house payment something you don't have any payments anywhere. Beholden to no one. It just changes the way you breathe. I mean it. Does it change the way you walk? It's it's amazing. It changes how you negotiate. It changes how you. Look at your work. Your relationships just changes everything me on slavery. Borrowers slave. To the lender, and that's a real thing. I mean in say when you're not a slave anymore because you're not a borrower anymore. It changes that so proud of you Mauricio done a really really great job working on this, and obviously you've been a saver piled up this money from somewhere, and you've done a really really nice job credit regulations. John Job Today Dr John Baloney. Thanks for letting me join again. Love sitting next to you at this table. Thanks for hanging out. We love having you here. That puts us our Dave Ramsey show in the books. Thanks to Zach Bennett filling in for James Childs this week and Kelly Daniel Associate producer and phone screener. I'm Dave Ramsey your host. We'll be back with you before you know it. In the meantime, remember, there's ultimately only one way to financial peace, and that's to walk daily with the Prince of Peace Christ Jesus. this is james childs producer of the Dave? Ramsey show on your smart speaker. You can add our skill by saying. Alexa opened the Ramsey networks. Still from there. You can listen to all our shows. Ask Dave money questions like. How do I invest my money? Or what is the debt snowball? Find out more at Daveramsey dot com slash smart speaker. If. You're looking for fun and practical ways to save money in your everyday life. You need to check out the Rachel cruze show a podcast from money expert and my daughter Rachel Cruze Guises Rachel Cruze and I'm so excited to tell you about hype podcast. A lot of people are checks paycheck their end debt. They don't even know where to begin, but they have this need want to get in control of their money that you you have..

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