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System which is designed for conflict resolution adaptation and conflict again that's how the earth that's how the atmosphere works of very very definition of weather and climate is nature's attempt to balance out what she can't balance out because the way nature which created so what happens is you will see in the book i it's a passionate defence based on uh blogs that i've written of my methodology and uh some of the things that are going on to say folks this isn't the big deal everybody is saying it is and you would think that someone like me now you know how much i love extreme weather mike you know since we're back at the accu weather day and you know i i basically the kind of guy that looks for trouble and wants to supply the forecast for and the fact is that if anything if if you actually looked at the way the earth with the earth is warming it is warming where it is coldest in dryest during the cold warming in terms of nightly lows have come up a little bit the maximum daily highs have not come up and what does this tell you tells you that you have a shrinking range your temperatures maybe a little bit higher than it was before point two points 3 c globally over the last thirty five years and and where people live with 95 percent of the people live it's much more like point once the what is that doing that is actually an argument for less extreme weather events and so what they are doing in this chapter in the book called the weaponization of the weather they are simply using every single thing this happens because we can see them now as evidence of this climate change it the there all right let's let's i wanna i wanna go bigpicture joba start he has a new book you gotta get an amazon the climate chronicles inconvenient revelations you won't hear from al gore and others your critics those you disagree with you jo say listen the the planet is changing climate is changing things are getting warmer i dunno things getting colder i'm and i have a hard time keeping up and weather is.

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