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Jump bike. And they might not have been Hoffman's. I might have been the BAAs. We might we designed we got twenty BAAs made. Which Jesus what have you done? And if you have an idea in your head why not try and do it. See we had about Jesse one symbolic. He wants him dead straight balls because he did he's doing a lot of. Boston's so just sweep and flat lines dues wanted some sweet bonds. So we made it was funny because there's a kid I went school at Matt Townsend he was in mazing to jump. He was volatile his dad, my drag friends, Holly Holly, how Davidson drag box and Sandra box. I don't know if he was a bike him. It was Nali kinda went to him with like, well, he's a pair of love handles. And he's a pair focuses believe is whatever for pace wants something about this. And withdrawn some pictures, Jesse Jones and pictures drawn some pictures. We wanna get some Pez might. And, you know, would you diameters and make it choose getting massive at that time, and he's like Nahmad might not it's too big crackhead, shoe stem crack, head should. Yeah. And he just knew all this stuff about criminally. Like, man, anyways, we got twenty pairs of his coup Bosma. There wasn't a name for it or anything and yet Jesse random on the service that looked a lot like like coughing love hand. I think they'll twelve piece we'll pay had little Kona gusts beautiful build, man. Wonder where there where they all ended up. I had a parent upon started got stolen after company. Melvin shattered. Jesse Boston backflip for anyone pre Nyquist free Nyquist jesse's right into being a strategy with the the global BMX media wasn't. I would watch Jesse rice. Happy Valley local truck because we're just going jump that backbone or something, and he'd be rice in a pro whatever what are the top causes and rising, but the loss rites of the diet, and he'd go down that back straighten those three big doubles, and he'd like pendulum foot, you know, to can knife on the first ad in front of pro whatever second one, huge no cana-, something wasn't let the three sixty on that. And he just blast stall the extra rule book back then was fate coming off. He's okay. No. Yeah. That's right. You couldn't cross your balls up more than one eighty because I think I had that problem in a rights when raise funds so. Yeah, then. Yeah. Yeah. Jesse was amazing. That's the same that time with in delayed was because he had bison across a goading translator. Right. And I hate more crew. Do they hate Coon Adelaide? I mean, little black, man. Shout out. Not mad. Hodgson. Yeah. I mean, he was but I met him in Melvin with Tony hope fringe and the glove and Rodney flat. But yeah, he wrote street. We'll good real good. Rugrats real good at lights sort of always had a pretty strong. So saying I guess thing in more recent times, yet me cities, it's been there thirty years. Yeah. No as big as that. But it was always being mixture. Always that's awesome. From my earliest recollections in live. I've never been light. I go to make that change that some trials. Oh, yeah. I guess we kind of segue to bunch there. But I guess going back to bay mex- game stuff. I mean, you're the first combat allied. Then we eventually moved to Sydney, and you had the first first ones were at what was to become multiple Skype wasn't monster Skype yet it was the building. And you had a bunch of the ramps that would become monsters ramps book, and that was the first year of that was pretty Radoman going in that and entering a couple of the injured park. And maybe it was monster. When it wasn't monster yet like the the the ranch will black no different. And then the next year was monster because it was all the planet. X ramps begin the dudes from a whatever the whatever the company was code that build the ramps he was a partner and planet x continent. The whole story. There's a lot of business with the planet. X things I understand. But the guys who built the ramps were legit and kept building. And then started Munster. Okay. Yeah. I like the Vert ramp wasn't Hoffa's wise what it became. And this was only half as well as what was to become turned around. And Dow's e that Fink did that nine hundred hundred. Yep. I landed flat with the handle older. Why? And it was the fucking best thing that ever seen at the time that was mazing. And then I guess the next year when monster was was in place and the whole park was set up, and that was more international. You had a few more McKay. Asada maybe mush if he was maybe those planet x but does but deal Awad you had a couple of other like point Ken, what was still here. I guess, but he was heading America. Yes, we had every biggest rallying due to those events and a couple of international. Yeah. And that I mean, the new go as you in daily, essentially. Responsible. Yeah. I mean, those people involved in just us, but try to keep it as Judah. Could you know, and yeah, it was cool. And yeah, I think I think Don legit, and it was cool those prize money and those prizes and we saw a mazing riding on ever forget. Yeah. The fact that. Yeah, it you could enter and made my friends were entering and you could win cash I would Satan Spratt that was the first one the first double types anyone ever seen this and afterwards as a fuel TV Bana. He's view stuff, and he's going envelope. He's your handful helps you how much money do you need. All my God, you want money for rotting to block it accomp-. Without that's part of the fuel TV thing. Like, I got involved with fuel TV on the Foxtel with said Anthony Sedgwick to help on the TV coverage which went hand in hand we running the event. It's weird. You've got a voice thought being Mexican that bigness rice, he got a go between things, but if we could might be and get on TV, then would be more prize money, and it would be more coverage. And we again, we can build it. You know, and we'll make sure everyone's represented the we fly that we've that we park you know, what I mean? That's what doing this like with with building everyone, not just one little sane, and that meant a lot and Jill TV, and what on those projects deficiency. We'll just do the one hour show second year. We did. Five shows maybe five when I was shows, and we won the best sports coverage really on cable in Estrada you in Bolton. Yeah. Yeah. Volts in. Yeah. Hi, Joanie skin headed, rollerblade ado, Janis legend in America. He's like. How meditation coach now? He's like. Yeah. Fuck. Yeah. He's a good. I guess. Previous to the what what gave you somebody experiences with next did some comments announcing a toting planet x channel Tena whatever it was like some planet, Xtra dot com. Victoria, and you'll like coal and the tricks data me up with Matt from the MAG on can you come in educated. Some of the stuff is because we don't really know. Can you come commentate once go to the footage just come into the studio and took crop pretty much? Fun. We used to type shit of TV, and I think everything BMX, man. And I think it ought to be trials drama and Victoria. And it was called and grocer olas dues there then make. And I remember your commentary. I watched it. I was like this does company at the time was probably Mead school. Everyone's blocks looks so RAD, and so tough watched it over and over again. And then by the time lighter on where we pause, and I became friends and everything and I just been like, that's the voice that's the trails and hanging out with. Kind of bizarre and not of me. But yeah, that's fucking rather. You to use all of your experiences through the old stuff the TV getting to number two that is hot as the saints TV? So. Yeah. China of things then using that to help promote banks games and promote Baymax, and you know, and you still rolling with twenty twenty the time. And that was rod because you're getting kick ass content full the MAG, and it was all kind of pretty awesome positive time. That would have been what two thousand six seven. And I guess I mean, they asked him sort of eventually fizzled out a bit. Yeah. I mean, the buddy I XE onto BMX Shelia. There's a lot of issues with bam extra money being put him we're going to get a lot of trouble saying something like that. But then listening. It's interesting. You know, I'm gonna soon as a lot of money involved and be grants. I mean, we, you know, Denise bossa ended up getting a gig working with him and got that crazy pock for the melon event. Made sure we'll try to get my stride. But then ended up getting made in China, but that was like a hundred thousand dollar investments. Eddie Granderson wasn't it like for potable pot price. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And that's sitting in containers. Yeah. And Darren if listing promised a half plot for this very building with sitting, and we need that just wanted to see what's up with that. Yeah. Yeah. You know? It'd be makes games. It was huge. It costs a lot of money to run took a lot of resources to run it. You know, the Bill does being Jones to build a ramps. This so much to do like quickly went account be doing this stuff anymore. I'd rather run more core small events that are more fun and on structured and. Have fun again. Let's just bring it back to the reason we do this in the first place, and I guess you were than you. You started doing the slider riles, and then I guess on house hammers and Sydney comes which were on fucking Bah in Melbourne, which says like. Probably one of the loosest Bazi moment of of all places. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Why why would you do that? Man. Like, why the hell not man? I mean, it's hard, you know, 'cause BMX traditionally is what I know. Would people bought the MAG the stats would say that it was thirteen to nineteen year olds in the MAG? It's not really conducive to drinking and partying. Let's screw it. I'm older. We can just invite an old accrue. Let's have what's up of jamming and not club. Let's have a handrail confident dot com and how did that conversation with the actual bar self even start? I mean, I live had like shoes from Volvo when the Melvin for a couple of years revolted on a Sunday afternoon. You just go there to have have a beer after me running, you know, and become a Landry instead of friends coming around my house and leaving crap there, and they're obvious anti-drink. You just gotta revolve

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