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Tuesday on abc more than two decades after the original ended its hit run and tuesday show was a ratings blockbuster eighteen point four million viewers watched the show i'm rita foley ap radio news ap radio news i'm rita foley lane they'll be a funeral later today for twenty two year old stefan clark the unarmed black man shot dead by police in sacramento last week protesters are calling for an investigation police responding to a report about someone breaking car windows say they thought stefan clarke had a gun when they shot him meanwhile the nba sacramento kings are warning they'll be heavy security tonight's game to prevent protestors from blocking the entrance to the arena as they have done for two previous games president trump has dumped another member of his administration veterans affairs secretary david schulkin has been fired by president trump schulkin has been in hot water since his department's inspector general released a report last month criticizing attend a european trip the secretary took with his wife and top staffers last summer he also faced a growing rebellion within the ranks at the huge department trump tweeted that he is nominated white house physician admiral ronnie jackson to replace schulkin trump says robert wilkie and undersecretary at the defense department will serve as acting va secretary until jackson is confirmed tim mcguire washington one of president trump's attorney is reportedly floated the idea of pardoning two of the president's former advisers caught up in the russia investigation attorney john dowd who recently resigned from the president's legal team denies having those conversations a historic meeting planned for april twentyseventh the leaders of north and south korea will meet in a border village there are few details about this though many around the world or hoping this will be a step toward resolving the tension over the north's nuclear program a just released government study finds that more and more american schools have armed security officers now than a decade ago this is ap radio news.

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