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It is 12 30 on Lori Kirby and the news is brought to you today by Toyota. Ahead of Election Day, Governor Baker has signed an executive order making up to 1000 National Guard members available to local cities and towns. If they request the guard why to maintain the public safety and to protect First Amendment rights if need be during large scale events again? This is for the election tomorrow. Ahead of Election Day, the governor is holding a 1 30 news conference. Listen, live for updates. Also today, a suspect is shot and killed by a police officer in the city of Lin. Let's go double BBC TV's Paul Burton out on with street with more. According to the Essex D. A's office. The suspect was wanted in Revere following a robbery at a Walgreens. Ah police pursuit ensued and all the way here in tow. Lynn. That's when the suspect allegedly pen of Revere police officer with a car. At some point the suspect was shot and killed by police Witness Paul Car, heard the commotion on his police scanner and realize this was happening right outside his home. I don't like it at all. Because we just had another shooting a couple of weeks ago up in all of us and square. I've been living inland. Paternity is and this is the worst. I've seen it get thank out my son's here. You told my grandson's don't win very more so that degree Now the officer that was penned by police. I was taken to Mass General Hospital with serious but non life threatening injuries. The suspect's name has not yet been released. But again state police and the D A's office investigating this police involved shooting earlier today Corona virus clusters and outbreaks once again, pushing the numbers higher across the state, double BBC's James RoHaas with the latest numbers for nearly two weeks, we've recorded over 1000 new cases a day yesterday, the state recorded on additional 22 deaths. Now, officials say, covert clusters now breaks are contributing to the up tech. For example, in Pittsburgh, Nearly 150 confirmed cases have been linked to Crossroads Community Church, and that's why a mobile testing site is being set up in the city tomorrow. Two clusters were also identified. A private clubs in wind threw up over 120 cities and towns in Massachusetts are now in the red category on the Koven 19 map. James RoHaas W B Z Boston's NewsRadio 15, Massachusetts Communities air rolling back, They're reopening plans because of the virus. They include Abington, Berkeley. Can't in Fall River, Marshfield, Pembroke, Rockland Way mus and more. All of these communities have been in the Red Zone for three consecutive weeks and bars were supposed to reopen in Maine today. Not so. Governor Mill says the state is postponing this indefinitely as main deals with a new wave of infections. The candidate's final push towards tomorrow's election day. That's next right now, 12 33 back to the roads, we go traffic and weather together. The super retailers up New England all will drive traffic on the threes If you please. Kevin Brennan. All right. Got a couple breakdowns were watching here. One of them leaving the airport in the West found Ted Williams Tunnel is the right lane breakdown inside leaving the airport. So stay to the left to get around him. 93 South bound. You're looking good over the second bridge, but once you get inside the O'Neill Tunnel, Watch out for right lane. Breakdown reported near exit 20 inside the tunnel itself over on soldier's field Road, inbound side eastbound over in Allston. That roadway is shut down at Western ad for road work right now, all traffic being detoured up onto the service road and then you're back on soon after Cambridge Street rest the downtown, though, Really? Not too bad. Nice right over the Tobin Bridge to and from Chelsea. New inter street exit 56 Just the left Lane is getting by their south of town..

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