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Just nothing to see. There's nothing to see here. Y'all keep it moving. How could all right justed. Do you want me to do this for you. Guys still ahead the big step. Live your wild in harry styles just took are they dry brushing each other in private they might be. We've got all the news coming up. Welcome back to delhi pop. It's time for the hollywood minute. Let's set that talk for sixty seconds and get right to the headlines. The cbs sitcom mom is indeed after its current eight season. It comes a day after its star. Allison janney said it was odd working without on affairs outta left. The show last season finale is set for may six former first daughter. Malia obama just landed a cool new gig writing gig me who's twenty. Two has reported joined the writers room for a potential series that donald glover is producing for amazon. Okay donald the hollywood reporter says me was recruited for the show which is supposed to be about beyond say type. public figure. Molina is set to graduate from harvard this year. Livia while in. Harry styles are taking the party from their movie. Don't worry to london. A source tells the two left this week to hear his homeland. But we're told basketball. Olivia's estranged husband jason. Today is right now with their two kids and olivia wants to spend time with their kids. It just so happens club. Justin do you think harry will meet the kids. No no no. Y'all just started.

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