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In texas freeman monson from the department of public safety says the gunman was found dead in a car after he fled the scene but there's so we don't know if it was selfinflicted gunshot wound he would engagement gun party with first in in all wide tactical year was where the list china's climate efforts will top the agenda when kohl 23 kicks off a bump today teammates energy recruited gestion komen has the story china's ambitions on climate will be on display this week with president xi jinping jason the us president donald trump china's central role on climate may both reduce friction between richer and poorer countries he's which has held up deals in the past and we can rules designed to bring transparency to measuring pollution in london gesture climent bloomberg daybreak europe and congo will hold elections in december 2018 eight years later than opponents of president kabina have demanded the index pool rich isen reports the dealer africa's biggest cover produces since two thousand one was the first is that 722 sixteen elections fund the success the spurned the delay triggered protests by opposition supporters that have led to dozens of people being shot by security forces the opposition is expected to announce its response to the of delays to this morning in vehicle richardson denver daybreak europe global news 24 hours a day powered by more than 2600 journalists and analysts in more than 120 countries this newburg caroline thank you so much it now with you will expose sees his cannon less monterey's there are six points clear about the top of the premier league this morning they beat arsenal three one and then sold need is challengers manchester united to lose at chelsea tottenham are level on points with united in say confines to the of one no success over crystal palace ever to know of the relegation zone coming from two to three two middlesbrough up to fifth in the championship beat bottom club unrivalled sunderland one and two momma covered the first scottish premiership wooden under manager steve clarke beyond the two one victory against hearts moneyfuelled igloos just divorce has another european to gulf title the olympic champion won the.

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