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Andrew and Todd. Dot com. Pre-market report the market seems like the news that the president may be getting close to deal with China. The s&p is up eleven points this morning in pre-market trading. The NASDAQ is up over a half percent thirty nine points. And the Dow is up one hundred and fourteen points in pre-market trading, which is point four five percent. I'm telling you if a deal get struck with China, the market's going to go crazy, I always use Amazon as a proxy for the tech sector was off twenty six bucks on Friday. It's up almost eighteen this morning in pre-market trading back above sixteen hundred your your chance to get in below sixteen hundred may be gone forever. Now, I own Amazon so discount that for lie the green if you want. But I think it's a terrific terrific stock, and I believe in the future. I do believe in the future even a future where the where the shutdown. Chuck Todd, add Mick Mulvaney on yesterday talk about the shutdown. Here's what Mick told Chuck about it cut number fifteen. Two different questions. Let's talk first about how close we are to deal. I honestly don't know. Because it depends on who you listen to. In fact, I think what we're seeing now in these negotiations and again at the White House at the request of all the parties on the hill is sort of step back. We're still participating we're still listening. We're still talking, but we're not leading the in the negotiations. We're sitting there watching what's happening. And what we hear is just as varied as what you just played out. It sorta depends on who you talk to. I've heard that there may be a deal with as much as two point one or two point five billion dollars for for a border fence. Then I hear that there may be zero or as little as eight hundred million for the border fence. There's one democrat who apparently wants to not only reduce the spending this year, but go back and take money away from previous years that hasn't been spent yet. So it's all over the map. And I think it's all over the map because of the Democrats and all over the map because of what you just played on the introduction to the segment. Two billion is the number. We keep caring for though, this this additional money. He wanted to five point seven two. Seems to be the number that everybody's circling is that an acceptable number. This is how the president looks at it and agree or disagree with him. You may agree may disagree, folks. Watching this may have different things about it for the president really does believe that there's a national security crisis anti humidity humanitarian crisis at the border, and he will do something about it. So whether or not he gets one point six billion dollars from congress whether or not he gets two point five or five point seven he's going to do whatever he legally can to secure that border. So you have to look at this. I think Chuck in terms of the larger the larger agreements regarding what we're going to do on this other. So is it fair to say, whatever congress, a handsome he'll sign he just may not be enthusiastic about it. I don't think. So you're not ready to go the definitive we cannot definitively rule out of government shutdown at the end of this week. You absolutely cannot. And here's why okay, let's say for sake of this discussion that the Democrats prevail and the hardcore left wing, Democrats, prevail was a democrat congresswoman. Who put on a tent yesterday about zero dollars for DHS? So let's say the the hardcore left wing of the democrat party prevails this negotiation, and they put a Bill on the president's desk with zero money for the Waller eight hundred million absurdly low number how does he sign that? He cannot in good faith sign that it takes a presidential signature spending. Bill. Can you imagine two different questions? Let's talk first they could happen. All I can tell you is it can happen. Stay tuned. If the Democrats are unreasonable, the president won't sign it if are reasonable he will. And I do not rule out a declaration of national emergency. And I teach my class on Thursday. Youngstown sheet into one of the most famous cases in the history the supreme court, and there are like seven opinions and nine opinions and the in opinion saying Harry Truman can't seize the steel mills and then six agreeing and three dissenting. I don't know. How many there were lots? I always teach the black opinion mostly Justice Jackson's opinion, which explains the zones of presidential power zone. One floodtide of presidential thority is when the president acts with the backing of the congress, even so that's not sufficient to overrule the constitution. As we saw with a bunch of the detainee bills in the first decade of the century following nine eleven congress would empower the president to handle detainees at Gitmo in a particular fashion and this and so zone one the president and the congress agreed on what to do and the and the supreme court said, Nope, not good enough and founded unconstitutional so zone. One is not necessarily constitutional. But it usually is zone. Three is when the president has been explicitly forbidden to do what he proposes to do. Or she proposes to do in the future that zone one the low tide presidential that zone three excuse me, the low tide of presidential authority zone to which Justice Jackson described with great. Extended analogies citing among others Joseph and the story of interpreting Pharaoh's dreams is where the president access commander in chief executive of the wedge taking care to faithfully execute. The laws chief executive United States and congress has given him some authority, but as in spoken specifically to the authorities requested that so two and so the president's in zone two if he declares a national emergency. And we just don't know how that's gonna turn out anybody who tells you. They know is lying. We don't know. It depends on this court their view of the unitary executive the money that the president uses the people that he uses to build it. The president cannot authorize new appropriations individually. He can use money lying around. That's not designated for a particular use and put it into the construction of border barriers and he can use the army, by the way to build. It Corp engineers so watch that space. Nobody knows talk with Tien. San Antonio good morning tire on the Hugh Hewitt Show. How are you? Hey, when it comes to the lady from Minnesota, and whether or not she is appropriate and a good enough person run for president or whatever it is. Hardcore left this. And there are no good ones. And you know, it's it's kind of it's it's disingenuous to even assumed that they if there are any moderate Democrats did breakthrough that they're even going to have a voice within the Democratic Party. You know? So that's kind of where they're at. And you hang out, you know, allotted MSNBC with Chuck Todd and Stephanie role and all this, and I feel like you're a truckload of intellect with a teaspoon of wisdom and. It's really hard to swallow sometimes because you're taking over for Bill Bennett. Who was always he's like Dennis Prager. And an you your difficult to listen to because you know, you you're the one who called for Donald Trump to step down after the Billy Bush. He needs to give it to Mike Pence mismatch, and you know, all the way up to the football game. You're calling for them to play the game over again. I'm listening to you. And I'm like, what is this guy? Talking about sort of wrap it up. There are no good left. There are no good left tire. You're always welcome to call. I love people, but they share replayed the game. You know that don't you? No. A terrible press guy played the game that was injustice. Bill Bennett agrees with me on that. Nobody hill agrees Bill Bill agrees with me, and you can call them not everybody knows that. That was illegitimate. That's why the the the patriots won the crown Victoria and played a better team. They play the worst team patriots. You're really patriots fan, aren't you? That's what you are. You said you're from Texas and you're really from Boston. You want to you you came in here representing yourself as a Dallas Cowboys fan, and you're really from patriot land you people. All right. Thank you. Thank you, buddy. Be. Well. Was quite a call. I'm looking at Sonny bunch sixteen hours ago. God some staffers gonna get such a beating tonight because it has a picture any chart the getting of the speech and at the end of the state. I don't think she Searcy Lancaster. I really don't. I we've been going up there. A long time. I don't think she is Amy the Impaler. But when a story gets legs like this, then sunny bunch comes God some staffers gonna get such a beating tonight because at the beginning of the speech. It does look like the craziest place in the world to hold people went out of there with frostbite. They went out there with with with black blackened toes and limbs add saws at the side of the road to take off limbs. All right time to tell you about relief factor, which will not help frostbite, but it will help if you got if you fell down on the ice.

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