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So if you've seen anything in this of all these different videos that would show or even suggest that floyd did what they said which is to resist arrest. I haven't seen it and I'm also a number one. I'm glad that there's a video and number two I am. I am very glad that because those officers acted in very specific contradiction to police policy and because the mayor could those officers were fired. They are not going to be entitled to their pension. They're not going to be allowed as in many cases because of the law enforcement officers bill of rights in so many places across the country prevent mayors and police chief from doing what happened in Minneapolis. that was not an option for me in. Baltimore because of the law enforcement officers. Bill of Rights In reform systemic reform in the police department including taking a hard. Look at what what can happen. What can a mayor do? What can police chief do? Act or something like this to to ensure that those officers can be taken off the street all right. My wrongs bike. I appreciate your time. Thank you so much and front. Next forty million Americans are now out of work because of the pandemic is one in four. Oh I never imagined we lived through something like this plus. She lost her husband to corona virus and her bravery. Her honesty touched so many when we spoke nearly two months ago. She is back with US tonight with message on pain. And perseverance attention all passengers outside minus one hundred nineteen point six degrees posses them or US Academy Award winner. Jennifer Connelly have to make sacrifices and Tony Award winner to be digs. Strain is ours forever. Appears her tune in. May Seventeen only. Tnt explore the world of Snoop Piercer. It WILFRID INDUSTRIES DOT COM tonight. Forty million Americans are now out of work since the pandemic began. It comes as new numbers released today. Show another two point. One million people filing jobless claims one of the states hit particularly hard as California. The governor is now warning there of an economic fallout. The likes of which this country has never seen before. King law is out front a tourist free Hollywood a traffic free Lombard Street in San Francisco an empty rose bowl and Hollywood bowl. All symbols of the beating cove in one thousand nine has inflicted on America's largest and most diverse economy California's governor estimates about one in every four Californians could be jobless this year one out of four in a state of forty million people. What has this virus done to your industry. Nobody's working right now. Seven hundred and twenty thousand people work in film and entertainment in California Bill. Maher jeep loss is one of them the majority of our industry. Are you know blue collar workers who are showing up at six in the morning and leaving at eight at night and people who are living paycheck to paycheck job to job? So it's it's really tough. The industry turning to food banks to nail feed their own vineyards. Business has cratered. Never imagined we lived through something like this Stephanie. Hoenig enter namesake. Vineyard are part of California's fifty seven billion dollar wine industry now court. A lot of our sales are to hotels restaurants and country clubs and those are all shutdown. We're about fifty percent under what we were last year. There's no doubt that the the pandemic and the closure has impacted tourism. The San Diego Zoo has gone from five and a half million tickets sold at his to parks last year to now zero peak times during the summer we can have upwards of over twenty thousand people just here at the zoo alone in one day you hear every language on the planet. California has been especially hard hit because the state depends on air travel for visitors both domestic and international but there are signs of recovery. In-store retail opened this week. Small businesses employ just under half of all private workers. And it's really exciting. You know this is what we've been sitting and waiting for her ten weeks you know. We are ready. California Governor Gavin newsom warns any recovery will be slow and the state budget will suffer as income tax dependence state sees a massive drop off by no stretch of the imagination. Is this virus behind us. We're moving forward We're not looking back but we are walking into the unknown. These are the types of billboards. You see all over. Los Angeles was so many unemployed here and this bears reminding because California is the largest economy in this country as the Seko's Erin so does the US Aaron Account. Thank you very much next. A mother of three. She lost her husband. Forty two years old to corona virus and her story moved so many of us tonight. She returns to out front two months since her husband's passing. It's sometimes just feels like he's at work. I'm doing the dishes. I'm asking my son to take out the garbage in just feels like he's working rate and then of course I realize he's not the nation mourns more than one hundred thousand lives lost to this virus. One story provoked the most powerful response from you. The people watching Joe passed away. He was forty two years old He left behind his wife and three children and he was absolutely beloved by students School in New York a long island. He spent twenty years working as an assistant principal and a girl's basketball coach at a Catholic high.

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