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Symbol directly at Brunton Bishen podcast at g mail dot com. Hire me and let Google to dot com. I feel like you know, people would like enjoy that. That's travelocity. I think speedy dot com. You're right. It is. I don't know who owns them. At travel out of the. Ex- expedient, and somebody out there all the saying, yeah, yeah, they're all owned by with Tripadvisor on some every company all the same. Everyone's. Like I, I didn't want Wayfair and Joson main like, wait a minute. Yes. And not just those two like all modern dot com, all the time good sites were all the same because we get the Email, right? When you especially when you're like, in the middle of renovation or for the house, like I would or something for one, and I will get Email like Wayfair I didn't order from you. And I realize all this. Okay. See you so very interesting. Sometimes, you know, it just you just don't realize like how many I'm sure like at one point they were different but they just bought one of them bought the other one out, which is mart. So that's awesome. Yeah. We do some boost breaks quite to close the show, the boost the brakes booth daybreak yet, I actually when a break for the first time in a long time. Okay. Preach on why. So I've fished we saw this, don't don't shave me on the shade room. And the title is don't get caught slipping abor knee does not like to be called auntie and one asset. Alleluia praise the Lord, many, I cannot tell you how many like you know, folks in their twenties are like L, Tiffany might ma'am. Thirty still only only way, I could see maybe if you still have had a teen or single digit, like, if you're like, oh, fifteen eight maybe but man, if you are well into your twenties in your thirties, or something we are made to don't do that. And even about, like forty five and you're thirty five now six we're. Lie. Don't do that. I that annoys unless my niece my neck, and then I love it, when they're like, anti-eta 'cause they call me my African name doce, so I love it, but they're also three and two years old. You're your thirty one so that we're not doing that happens. I'm always like. I'm not sure on like it, just I don't know if feels like slightly, and I know some met with shade. But don't try to distinguish like you're so much younger says you have five years on you. I'm not Jonty fezzet. It's. Was there guru like they're on T who like has the wisdom, you know, now we're cousins. Because like I said, twenty under outtake it. But once you once should strike over, like a certain way you're not doing that. You could have been. But we would've born in that same. I gotta south all you got a cellphone, I wasn't before, like microwaves came out or something. Don't do that. So that's my light-hearted boost that, like, you know, just being auntie. I saw bevy Smith has said that she was like grown, forty year old women. Call me aunty now. What about you? You got a boost. Are you gonna break do boost? I have to boost for this. I used to roll my eyes at all these, like pre K fifth grade eighth grade graduation ceremonies. But I don't know what I'm in my feelings about it. And I love I love like pre K graduation ceremonies. I feel like they're so magical, and maybe it's because now I have a gods. That will my husband's God wait. No, he's on his godfather anyway, my husband's nephew, who were very close to just graduate from pre K and they give all the kids awards in there. So proud of themselves, and I just wanted to boost all the teachers, and the, the educators who take their time and energy to make these kids feel so special and loved and feel like they've really accomplished something I think it's so beautiful. So out to shut out the teachers shutouts all the little kiddos who are graduating where whatever you're graduating to you could probably stop growing up, so fast because. It makes me feel old but it's a beautiful thing. I can't believe this kid's already five. It's insane. I know it is kind of the same. When you're gonna look like wait. You just came out the womb. Like, what are you doing getting older? I know it's crazy, but it's beautiful..

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