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I'm Fred Minnick and this is above the charm around 2008 when I was a green whiskey writer. I was inside a Chicago Bar and this bartender had this page caching wound on his left hand. I was like what happened? He was like I was trying to open some Noah's Mill or on it was it was a willingness of some type and I was like, how would the hell did you cut your hand so deeply it's like it's the wax it's the wax and I walked away from them. Like who in the hell Cuts their hand on wax. Now I didn't think of it at the time. He probably had a pocket knife out and he just jacked his hand but some years later I would be trying to open up a bomb Maker's Mark myself and the little twisty tie that's their it ripped off and I had to pull out of pocket knife. Guess who cut their hand this guy birth. Yeah, that was the moment. I realized how much I hate wax on bottles. I really wish Brands would get away from wax. Now. I understand wax brings a certain length of Jurassic war and against people are feeling of quality, but the fact is it's really nothing more than wax. And by the way if it's out in your truck overnight and it's really hot outside or it's really cold that wax will expand and the cork or screw cap. Most likely undo itself. I've never seen wax really hold up against harsh conditions. And so as Brands continued to grow as things continue to happen in American whiskey, let us all say this box has no place for the future of American whiskey that is unless your Maker's Mark and if you use their kind of wax, they'll sue you and that's this week's above the Char. Hey if you age, An idea for above the Char hit me up on Twitter Instagram YouTube Facebook or Fred Just look for my name Fred Minnick until.

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