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Has a theme and it's called America's back together Fourth of July two this year is different than the fourth of giant last year. It's going to be better next year. President Biden is trying to keep on message even as reporters at the White House Friday asked about other news talk about happy things Man 15 months into the pandemic, the country has seen a dramatic turnaround. But the CDC says Biden fell short of his goal by around 3% points of getting 70% of adults at least partially vaccinated. Nationwide cases are up 10% compared to last week. The more contagious still to strain is gaining ground in regions with lower vaccination rates. Amy held NPR news Reports from Afghanistan suggest further intense fighting between the Taliban and Afghan government forces all across the country. The BBC's gilma give Oring reports the violence comes As US led international troops are now in the final stages of withdrawal overnight fighting between the Taliban and government forces seemed to intensify. A spokesman for the Taliban said they had taken control of another five districts in Badakshan in the northeast. There's no government confirmation of that. Defense officials said they had carried out operations, including airstrikes in nine provinces in the last 24 hours. Meanwhile, Afghan religious scholars meeting in Kabul called on both sides to make progress on peace talks. On Friday, U. S troops pulled out of Bagram, their main military base in Afghanistan. A complete withdrawal of US forces is expected by the end of next month. The BBC's Dilma give a ring This is NPR. Right now. It's 75 degrees under sunny skies that I love. No. Four. Good morning. I'm Marie Lane. With W B E Z NEWS. Illinois Governor J B. Pritzker plans to award nearly $95 million to projects that tackle persistent health disparities. WBC's Christian shorts, reports a year after the covid 19 pandemic ravage black and Latino communities, eight awardees are focusing on ways to make health care more accessible. On the south side, where their healthcare desserts, a collaboration of hospitals and clinics, including the University of Chicago pledges to bring around 140.

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