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And I own the team. Now the league now we're financially stable for the next three years four John three weeks or years tonight. Use the ADP. Yeah, they switched over to some other company. It's should understand. What happens happens? I understand. That's very funny. I feel like this is what I remember. I've known a couple people who've played basketball overseas, and they'll describe playing for like a team in Greece. Where everyone just takes the check and runs to the Bank. I. The Bank down the courts, pay me in rubles. Secondly, how about the fact that Iran is in met camp today, and has there ever been a pair of people that looked like they belong hanging out together more than a rod and Brody van wagon just to preppy guys, look bigger. They're going to go out to Hobe sound later on jump on the boat. Have some cocktails maybe some white wine little Chardonnay. It's many people who would have a sweater over their shoulder hurt. Yeah. Absolutely shoes. Couldn't couldn't look more like that. And then Leslie, I will re tweet this right now from the at CNBC WFAN account. I've been on a jeopardy kick lately. But watching a lot of jeopardy and I've flipped affects so smug. Son of a bitch has the answers. He makes it seem like he wrote the encyclopedia. No sorry. Did he grow back the mustache? No. Well last night. There was a guy on that show who had to be Adam gates, bro. Because he had Adam geishas is from that press conference because he hit a daily double. And all of a sudden, this is Pablo kind of floating around the taco come out. It didn't it look look look more. He had a lot more of a serial killer. Look to him then. This is Jason serial killer brother, at least that's a hell of a compliment. All. Ganger, but the serial killer, right. He looked like the serial killer version of you. I've got closer today ban that Trevor Ballard what a catch. If you wanna data major league baseball pitcher for the Cleveland Indians. Well, he's got three rules for you this, according to a.

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