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A computer room person this is it is do whatever I say I didn't say that but it does make me very sad that you can handle real motions theater they are real emotion so I want to talk about the introduction for a second K. because on the one hand of course it confirms the stereo type that you said exists in the media of seeing seeing people who wish to sort of have these interactions is being lonely and socially isolated but but it also I think talks to some of the the the gap between people who are part of this community and people who are not there is a level of incomprehension that runs in both directions that's right there really is and I think a loss of this comes from the fear of technology that we don't understand we see it time and time again over the centuries where a new form of technology is introduced and the automatic reaction is Deitz and the fear of change on so if you are on the outside and you're not embracing this technology than perhaps you won't understand what someone else is getting from it but I still think that there is a queasiness factor here when it comes to using these are these machines so let's say for example you had a sex robot designed to look like a child would it be okay for people to have sex with this inanimate machine that's meant to mimic or imitate or look like a child this is probably the most one of the most difficult parts of the book to rights in terms of the the knee jerk reaction here was for me to go over that subsidy wrong or the people making child like six rubles not that we know officer in no one's going to admit to it they were hoping arguments thought child sex offenders paedophiles good to have a child sex rubles on then that would stop them offending in real life so this is one theory and then the other theory is the opposite of thought dot it would be a gateway to further offenses that it would trigger something that would lead to increase real life abuse it's very very difficult because we don't have evidence and ethically a study like not as per the number could be wrong I want to talk a little bit more about this idea of harm because.

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