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Yeah in the newsroom van sou gunes is and soon in his the main thing hansie indians it is no again madam momma and yes jio the the admiral games who blows adnan thing ginsu knives in soon mundane in soon thing and zunhua lingyin sonar raise if you're a 90s music fan this will be interesting to you the smashing pumpkins announced they will do a reunion tour it'll have everybody in the original lineup except for basis darcy red ski who has been held out of the grip there's some real drama going on between her and billy corgan the lead singer century f you google it you'll see that she actually posted snapped a lake pictures of their tax conversation and it looks like billy's keeping her out of the group for some reason i don't know why but anyways billy james e and jimmy chamberlin who without died beheaded gideon they'll they'll go on tour and other going to play some of the old stuff starting in july if you're a fan of smashing pump does have been fighting bistrita pennekamp down the wall the his mother thought that these now the survey all the nonprofits level you the hey good together they were azure no the wage no the down hich the one.

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