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You're listening to the men toward podcast where mentoring happens through entangling stories about risk youth with stories of hope and health. This is our first episode that features a microphone that has been sponsored by company. We found the in order to keep mentor podcast. Going we'll need sponsors on a rotating basis. So here's the first one. The Mike Phone using today's episode was sponsored by steelhead fitness. In Sweet Home Oregon you can visit their website at steelhead fitness dot com or follow them at facebook dot com forward slash steelhead fitness. If you're interested in sponsoring a microphone also you can shoot me a text or email at mentor. D- PODCAST AGGIE MAIL DOT COM and ask how you can sponsor microphone to in an upcoming episode. Today's episode is a Juggernaut featuring school psychologist Chris. More as you'll hear in this episode Chris's a school psychologist in the Salem. Kaiser School district his ability to balance a hard. No Science of working with the human mind with the art form of being human himself. Working in a human field is unparalleled. Chris has a theoretical orientation which he calls neuro contempt of epigenetics humanism. If that saying your head spinning don't worry. He defines what that means and breaks down each part exploring how he practically approaches it. When working with at risk youth this episode you hear Chris Expansive and impressive approach to working with children. He covers the organizational psychology behind change. Why Meditation Matters Emotional Contagion Attune? -ment also balances this with his own personal vulnerability reflection in transparency of working through hard spots with his own father and how he saw family counseling for adult healing.

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